The Answer Man.....  

RightForIt 37M
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4/21/2006 11:56 pm

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The Answer Man.....

First of all, NO, I'm not the answer man so dont ask me things haha.

In my group of friends, I'm known as the answer man. Now understand that this is not a compliment. I'm the guy everyone comes to with their problems and if someone is having relationship trouble I'm the jerk that gets to hear about it. Now, I like helping my friends so dont get me wrong but, when I have to listen to them talking about how their boyfriend or girlfriend is ignoring them or how they think their significant other may be cheating, it drives me nuts!

I'm a single guy looking for someone and I dont understand how I became the poster child for relationship therapy. What makes them think I will have the correct answers to solve their problems? I guess I just must look like some kind of moron who cares. I guess I do care but honestly, I have my own things to worry about too.

How many of you are relationship therapists to your friends? Do you enjoy it as much as I DONT?

Well, its late so this is a short one. Let me know how you deal with this stuff. Hey? look what I'm doing! I'm asking you all to be my therapist now!!! Its a vicious never ending cycle isnt it? ugh.

Have a good weekend.

playwithme00000 44F  
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4/22/2006 12:38 pm

Know what your saying hun.. I have a similar problem!
I think it came from losing myself to others needs..I do care and I do want to make difference but you can forget who you are and hell they forget too.

Recent years, and to be honest weeks, I am making a change..I am yelling when I need to.. being unreasonable..and reasonable.. hold back that temper..being moany but also still tryin to manage my life in a way that isn't rocked by others..Got to give time to live a little.. learn a little have fun!

Sometimes our patterns of behaviour are not just about others reactions to us but our actions.. we need to take responsibility for those too. Some people will keep at it but in the end if you know what ur doing and want you wont get so caught up and lost and hopefully they will see you to.

and yes its enjoyable but it also gives us a reason not to make the effort or commit to our own lives.. we have exhausted ourselves out of action!

Take ur time back a little and listen and love but do that for yourself too.

Play with me........

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