Bottom of the Barrel Slime Bags haha  

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5/6/2006 1:47 am

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Bottom of the Barrel Slime Bags haha

Everyone having a nice Saturday? Well I hope so.

I'm a nice guy most of the time so when you read this post try not to hold it against me LOL. I guess I just dont care who I piss off so whatever.

This site has some great people on it BUT, there are SOOOO many freaks and slime bags on here its almost comical. I was browsing through some profiles as I do most nights and I came across some people that are surely not what they say they are haha. One of these scum sucking bone headed bastards says that HE is a she and well, you would have to be friggin blind to believe this. Do you know what would happen to you if you fooled me long enough to actually meet me??? You would die when I found out that you were a man LOL. Thats a fact. I would blow your head off. sheeesh! Heres a tip for all of the cross dressing freak ass men out here, if youre gonna pretend youre a female, maybe you should try not to look like a man so much. Why do you want to look like what youre not anyway? I could understand if what you want are other gay people but some of the profiles I saw clearly say you are females not Trans or bi or whatever. You people are fucking sick!!! haha.

I was talking to a friend on here awhile back and she was saying that all gay men think that straight men like me will give in if hit on enough LOL. Do gays really believe that??? Well, I'm not gonna lie to all the gay people out here. I think that you are disgusting. I dont mind you as people cause I happen to have a couple gay friends but they know that I think what they do is sick too. Why would a man find another man cute? LOL. A womans body is so damn beautiful why would you want anything other than that???

Ok well the bottom line on this subject is that people need to be really careful. Its not just the cross dressing assholes but its also the fact that there are probably about a million people on here that would have no problem killing you. Hopefully most of you have enough common sense to not just meet someone right off the bat. I'll bet you that there have been some seriously bad things that have happened from this site that we will never hear about.

I hope I pissed someone off on this one cause if you are one of the freaks who mis-represent yourself on here you should go and hang yourself haha. So many of you people think you are looking cool yet the reality is you look so trashy and sick its hilarious. This doesnt just go for the men either. MANY of you women on here do the same damn thing. One of my favorite ones is when I look at the age you claim to be and then see you LOL. You arent fooling anyone you dumb fools. Its not so hard to see that even though your profile says 30 you are actually 55 haha. You fruit cakes!

This site is very much like a really bad carnival gone totally wrong haha. If you are a fake,trans,liar,freak,idiot,asshole, ETC... go make your own site called "idiot land" and knock yourselves out LOL. Leave us "normal" people alone already and quit wasting our time!

Ok thats enough for now but I will be back to piss you all off at a future date LOL.

Have a great non-freaky day!/:>

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