god why do i live some days  

RickHunter101 32M
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4/18/2005 6:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

god why do i live some days

well I found out something today that just makes me feel bad in every inch of my body. I found out my ex is with a 27 year old. the bad part is so soon to its only been a month and a half. the bad part is we where engaged. and i ofund out he spent the night there last nigth. i know its not my place to care any more i just wish i would not have found out. so that makes me a very sad panda. i jsut wish i could forget every thing some days but i know thats not the way out. i just guess that proves that mabey i am weaker than i thought, or mabey i have not purpose. mabey i should give up. cause at this point i have not reason to fight the insanty of life and this world. Or should i not give up cause as long as i keep fighting for my sake and other mabey there is hope and i can do some hting good after all if just with very littel pushing me foward its kinda of hard to keep going. I just hope i can find that. Cause every body needs a reason any i will find that. If you lose sight in this world you can lose your life or reason to live very quickly. but thats all for my rambling and depression sorry to go on like that later

rm_anthoney65 51M/41F
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4/18/2005 9:15 am

Dude you're 20 years old. Of course it sinks and it's probably not fair and most likely it wasn't your fault. You need to find some lovely young women to comfort you. Even if you don't it will get better.

keithcancook 60M
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4/20/2005 3:34 pm

She's right of course. You are young and it will get better. For my part, I experienced total heartbreak at 21. OMG! The pain! The hurt that is so deep in my being! Oh God! I cannot go on! Jeeze, I was hopeless. I did not know that I could feel emotional anxiety like that. It was a lesson learned though.

My mom said to me "Keith, time is a healer". (she elaborated much more than that but I will spare you). I didn't believe her of course, for me my life was over. But she was right of course. There are too many people around you every day to pine for just one for very long.

If you are still here 6 months from now I will ask you how your heart is feeling. I wager it will not be in nearly as much pain as it is now. Hang in there, it will pass.

RickHunter101 32M

4/21/2005 5:42 am

I am allready filling better. actly cause it's been a month and a half its just to find out that some one 9 years older came and sweep her off her feet so soon. but i am dealing with it much better cause i got the anger out and am worrying about much more important things. and thank you for you support. cause this is my second serious relation ship and i guess mabey i am geting better at handling ti to.

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