Meeting a long lost friend.....  

Richard2011 59M  
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8/31/2006 9:28 pm
Meeting a long lost friend.....

I’m sure everyone has met people in their lives that have left lasting imprints. Some, I’m sure, are just as soon forgotten while others literally stamp your heart. I have one.

Have you ever met someone so long ago in your life that you just don’t remember when you met them? I have one. Same as above.

Recently I met a long lost love reenter my life. After 32 years, she walked through the door. At that very instant, my life changed. I wasn’t looking or anticipating anything. I was just meeting an old friend. However, at the very instant I laid eyes on her, I felt my life coming into focus and my heart overwhelmed with thanks. Thanks that she was there.

See…back in the day we were inseparable. All the while growing up we played, talked, grew and as a teenager, I had the biggest crush. However, with short-sighted parents, I was sent away to school (about 60 miles) and her family moved outside of town (about 30 miles) (opposite direction, by the way). Worlds away for a teenager. Since then, our lives have taken all over and back again and are currently about 600 miles away from each other. She is settled, married, and living a good life. I am a single dad with things going on also.

To add one more thing, one of the primary reasons she looked me up is she has some serious medical issues which may become more serious sooner than later which could be…fatal. I hate to say the word because I can’t imagine her leaving my life so quickly after reentering.

Long story short……….what to do? I’m no homewrecker. I respect marriage and those who enter those bonds. How to get closer without going to another level and creating issues? Don’t want to hear a bunch of crap but could use some ideas………..

georgiasweepeach 57F

9/2/2010 8:25 pm

Well hun, leave it be, your the one that will be hurt in the long run. You never can really ever go back , will never be the same. You seem to be a good man...{=}{=}

[I] Sweetpeach! {=}

georgiasweepeach 57F

9/2/2010 8:27 pm

oppps!!!!Sorry didn't know it would be so large

[I] Sweetpeach! {=}

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