I did it, damn it, SUCCESS!  

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3/11/2006 8:32 pm

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3/13/2006 10:16 pm

I did it, damn it, SUCCESS!

I am jubilant.

I am filled with bursting joy.

My balls have turned a lighter shade of blue!

(Every shade of blue, I feel, when I'm inside of you!) 'sung to the tune of that song on Dance Mix 1995 or whatever'

I had sex, la ti da! I got laid, zippa dee doo!
I shall scream it from a mountaintop...
Well, I live in the prairies.

I'll scream it from a small hill, or perhaps the floodway.

I love sex, do do de do! I am so happy!

Actually, I believe i am addicted. For the purposes of a simile I would not consider myself a sex crack addict but more like one of those smoke pot everday types. Gotta have a little everyday or two. It's been what...a couple months. Of course I can't really smoke pot either for that matter (changing from simile to reality) because within two drags I have an iron hard erection and nothing to do with it. Have you ever filled a bike tire up at a gas station? Those compressors are so powerful it's like, phssssssssss...BANG! That's like my member. It just shoots up. Doesn't pop though. Speaking of members, there are a lot of guys with pictures of their weiners on this site. I don't find them that flattering, I mean you don't have to read between the lines, and, yes, you can advertise your massiveness...still..leaves something to be desired. I like my picture, there's no penis in it.

You know I never give up hope. I'll get down but golly gee, I keep thinking, if I do a really bang up job this time, perhaps things'll change. I will make my wife crave sex. If I don't then, I'll probably accomplish a lot in life by not focusing on sex.

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