You know married guys that aren't getting it at home are nasty fuckers.  

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5/26/2006 4:19 pm

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6/10/2006 9:17 am

You know married guys that aren't getting it at home are nasty fuckers.

So here is how I started my Friday. A female in Reno told me about this married guy that she is his thing on the side. Since he is on yahoo we talk. Here is our Friday session.

PervMarriedFucker: Hi
RenoManNeedsSub: : heard you are having fun tomorrow
PervMarriedFucker: Yes, going to meet up her Vikki
RenoManNeedsSub: : be extra kinky with her. she wants to get fucked in the garage on the hood of her car. I am talking with another slut that wants to get double or tripple fucked, but you'd love to help me do her.
PervMarriedFucker: sure, we could really fuck her good
RenoManNeedsSub: : perv fucker!
RenoManNeedsSub: : when did you last nut?
PervMarriedFucker: been while
RenoManNeedsSub: : that sucks.
PervMarriedFucker: I know...looking forward to giving it to Vikki
RenoManNeedsSub: : wish your wife was a kinky cum slut. i really need to hit on her and see if she tells you about it. then fuck her with you hiding and watching. then when she leaves you suck me clean!!! how perverted are you really?
PervMarriedFucker: pretty preverted when comes to the ladies
RenoManNeedsSub: : so when were you last really perved? the other slut i talk with is really wanting her limits pushed.
PervMarriedFucker: it has been awhile - a long time
RenoManNeedsSub: : i really need a perv buddy to use woman with, and to get dom when they are not around. our little secret.
PervMarriedFucker: well, I don't mind use the woman part, but that is it
RenoManNeedsSub: : I know but fun for me to think about.
RenoManNeedsSub: : i might even blow you if you are extra kinky
PervMarriedFucker: oh really
RenoManNeedsSub: : when did you last fuck the wife?
PervMarriedFucker: 3 weeks ago
RenoManNeedsSub: : oh and i am serious be extra EXTRA kinky with Vikki the slut! totally deviant treatment for her.
PervMarriedFucker: oh I will, got good plans for her
RenoManNeedsSub: : want me to use the wife and turn her into a deviant cum slut?
RenoManNeedsSub: : what plans do you have for our slut?
PervMarriedFucker: oh I glad to hear she wants it on the hood
PervMarriedFucker: going fuck her every which way - then cum all over her face
PervMarriedFucker: that is just for starters
RenoManNeedsSub: : very good!
RenoManNeedsSub: : talk very very dirty with the slut.
PervMarriedFucker: oh yes, she will be my bitch
PervMarriedFucker: and I'll let her know
RenoManNeedsSub: : hard as fuck right now arnt you.
PervMarriedFucker: of course - thinking about using Vikki
PervMarriedFucker: she takes it sooo well
RenoManNeedsSub: : i love that she acts so nice but is a lil fucking whore
PervMarriedFucker: Yes, isn't she
RenoManNeedsSub: : so what does your wife do work wise? and you do want to hide and see me treat her like you are going to treat Vikki
PervMarriedFucker: would be nice
PervMarriedFucker: she doesn't work
RenoManNeedsSub: : if you and i are going to double fuck Vikki do you want to be the one in her cunt or her mouth?
RenoManNeedsSub: : well then we need to arrange that you let me know somewhere where she will be so I can try to nail your wife. once I open her up she was be a great slut for both of us.
PervMarriedFucker: we can see
RenoManNeedsSub: : you and i are going to 69 after we fuck Vikki and you will lvoe it!!!
PervMarriedFucker: I want to fuck Vikki's mouth
RenoManNeedsSub: : fuck her mouth like it is a cunt!
PervMarriedFucker: hell yes
RenoManNeedsSub: : where is your bitch wife and why dont you fuck her more often?
PervMarriedFucker: of course why don't one of use get her in the ass and the other in her cunt
PervMarriedFucker: She doesn't like sex like I do
RenoManNeedsSub: : i had a marrried slut that was like that with her husband but i dominated her and totally used her and she lvoed it then would be the frigid wife at home.
PervMarriedFucker: could be true, wouldn't know
RenoManNeedsSub: : fuck i am so horned up and perved right now!
RenoManNeedsSub: : read the part her that starts A Messenger chat...that is with the other reno slut.... http://AdultFriendFinder.comRenoManNeedsSub:
PervMarriedFucker: nice - she sounds like she is ready
RenoManNeedsSub: : yes she is. do you have a photo of your wife? i need to nut soon imagining something very fucking nasty. i do want to her
PervMarriedFucker: No I don't - I am still at worj
PervMarriedFucker: work
RenoManNeedsSub: : are you in an office?
PervMarriedFucker: yes
RenoManNeedsSub: : unzip!
PervMarriedFucker: ok,
RenoManNeedsSub: : jerk off in your ofice ever?
PervMarriedFucker: yes, I have
RenoManNeedsSub: : good. do it now. thinking of all the extra kinky shit we will be doing with sluts.
RenoManNeedsSub: : i also want to find some young kinky submissive guy to the shit out of and then make Vikki eat our cum off or out of him.
PervMarriedFucker: oh, and she would do it too
RenoManNeedsSub: : you know it and you and i would love pounding the shit out of some guy like that with her begging for it.
PervMarriedFucker: oh yes, and she does beg so good too
RenoManNeedsSub: : after he nut up his asshole she would rim him and we would get hard again watching her suck out cum from his ass.
PervMarriedFucker: sure then we could have her suck him as we fuck her in the ass and pussy
RenoManNeedsSub: : yes we would.
RenoManNeedsSub: : what other perv things do you think you would want to do and very devuant shit i mean taboo and twisted.
PervMarriedFucker: not really ever thought of things
RenoManNeedsSub: : we need to work on you getting more twisted and kinked out. you would even eat your wife cunt after i fucked it when she comes home after a session with me. I would have called you and told you all about it when she was on her way back home. she was suppose to be out shopping when she was really being a slave to my cock
PervMarriedFucker: that I don't even consider twisted
RenoManNeedsSub: : but you like it fucker
PervMarriedFucker: of course
RenoManNeedsSub: : we do really need to find an 18 year old guy to when vikki isn't around
PervMarriedFucker: But I like the fact Vikki would have to watch it and we can make her do what we want
PervMarriedFucker: we could have Vikki fuck him with a strap on
RenoManNeedsSub: : yes and she would be soaked watching us force our cock either in his asshole or down his throat. he would be as big a slut as she is for our cocks and our cum.
RenoManNeedsSub: : I also like the thought of finding a submissive couple. a guy that we fuck with his wife watching.and she has to lub up our cocks with her mouth or cunt to get us ready to ream him out.
PervMarriedFucker: yes, could be good
RenoManNeedsSub: : once we had a perverted slut couple like that then we would just show up at their place and which ever was home we would use as a dumping ground for our nut.
RenoManNeedsSub: : you close to cuming?
PervMarriedFucker: yes
PervMarriedFucker: too bad Vikki wasn't here to finish it for me
PervMarriedFucker: she could clean it up
RenoManNeedsSub: : before we started talking did you ever thinking about fucking a couple or a guy? yes Vikki would finish you well. i told the other slut i was going to make her blow me on webcam. we will have to the guy on webcam with tons of women watching. I am amazed how many womwan want to see something like that.
RenoManNeedsSub: : did you just nut?
PervMarriedFucker: yessss
RenoManNeedsSub: : hope it was a good hard cum!!!!
PervMarriedFucker: oooh yes to bad wasting it
RenoManNeedsSub: : where did you blow the nut, in your hand or desk or floor?
PervMarriedFucker: floor
RenoManNeedsSub: : rub it in with your shoe. so have you thought about fucking a guy before we talked? seems to have gotten you off well
PervMarriedFucker: well, i was thinking of thinking of what we could be doing to Vikki
RenoManNeedsSub: : i use to cum on my desk all the time when i worked weekends.

So if you are still reading this all the way through I hope you enjoyed it Did you have a favorite part?

chargefordom 33F

5/26/2006 11:31 pm

Hehe I liked this post a lot. I kept thinking the whole time of getting with him and you and maybe even that could be a fun vacation!

fun4usfun4u2005 42M/42F

4/2/2007 2:34 pm

I liked the part about the couple you want to find and fuck. I would love to have a guy fuck my wife and then my ass with her juices. We could use a couple of guys like you two around our area.

pleasurezone2021 56M  
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6/27/2013 9:30 pm

Good, perverted stuff - I think the PMF liked what u said more than he wanted to admit.

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