A female friend eagerly told me about her fuck session with a new fuck buddy. What do you think?  

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6/10/2006 9:09 am
A female friend eagerly told me about her fuck session with a new fuck buddy. What do you think?

One of my female friends that likes being treated like a slut once she is with a man just told me about a new fuck buddy. It is a guy she works with. What do you think? If you go to the trouble to read it then post a comment

It started in yahoo chat, but then I locked up so she finished it in email.

So here it goes......

- Me!: heya
- renomanneedssub: hey lil slave.
- Me!: so guess what i did on monday night
- renomanneedssub: you meet one of the people from AdultFriendFinder. slut! am i right?
- Me!: lol no...but i did get laid!
- Me!: and i'm pretty close to meeting someone from there
- renomanneedssub: tell me in detail about monday in graphic fucking slut detail. who, where, what happened. glad you are about to meet someone from AdultFriendFinder. I want my slut totally nasty and cum slut.
- Me!: hehe
- Me!: ok so one of my coworkers who had had the entire weekend off came into the store
- Me!: and i noticed he was kind of waiting for me to go on break, and when i did, he wanted to talk outside
- renomanneedssub: what kind of work do youdo?
- Me!: so i went out there, and i had mentioned something to him about being friends with benefits, and he asked me if he could take me up on it that night
- Me!: i work in a grocery store in customer service
- Me!: slash front end manager
- renomanneedssub: so he just flat out asked you what did you say? had you wanted to fuck him before?
- Me!: i was totally surprised and was like well i'll have to think about it....but then i realized that i would be totally stupid to pass up on it after 2 years
- Me!: well i had thought about fucking him, but never thought it would happen
- Me!: all the girls he checks out and have dated have been totally different from me
- renomanneedssub: bet your cunt was soaked when he asked you.
- Me!: i was totally surprised....so i had to call my parents and tell them i was going to his place for the night, and my mom got all worried about me
- Me!: i guess they're hoping that i won't wanna get laid again before i get married
- Me!: but they let me go
- Me!: and i still had two hours of work left, and i could barely concentrate
- renomanneedssub: so the folk knew you were out to get cock. you slut.
- Me!: hehe they didn't know
- Me!: they have no idea i got laid...i told them we watched movies all night and they believed me
- renomanneedssub: haha. i bet they have an idea you were a cock slut.
- Me!: hehe i don't know...i think if they did, they don't wanna believe it
- Me!: so anyway, he kinda hung around the area until i was done with work
- renomanneedssub: had you been to his pplace before?
- Me!: nope
- Me!: he lives about 40 min away from where we work
- Me!: we spent the whole drive down there talking and he was getting me kinda worked up
- renomanneedssub: he drove...and you wanted to stroke him in the car. what were you talking about in the car?
- Me!: we were talking about sex the entire time...i was really nervous and he was calming my nerves...we were comparing sex stories and i told him some things i had never had done and wanted to do
- renomanneedssub: such as what did you say you wanted to do? did you admit to what a cum whore and slut you were to him?
- Me!: hehe pretty much...i told him that i love sucking cock (which he loved hearing) and i wanted to be eaten out and do some good anal for once
- renomanneedssub: do anything in the car at all?
- Me!: well i didn't want to distract him while he was driving, but he did rub me outside of my pants, and then went under them
- Me!: he loved how much i was moaning in the car...he could tell it had been a LONG time for me
- renomanneedssub: keep going lil slut.
- Me!: hehe
- Me!: so we got to his place and just kinda chilled a little bit
- Me!: he put in a porno and we just kinda watched it a little bit, and i was getting all hot
- renomanneedssub: if it had been me I would have pulling my finger out of you in the car and made you lick them clean...and make you masturbate during the drive so you were a total whore when you got to the place.

At this point, renomanneedssub was dropped from the converstaion, and the rest is in an e-mail that I wrote later that night....

So he put in a porno and we were getting all hot. He had teased me so badly in the car that I wanted to get back at him a little bit. So I started rubbing his cock through his pants, getting him to moan a little, and taking my hand back. He knew exactly what I was doing, and every time he moaned, I was getting so wet. After a few times of doing that, I knew I had to get in his pants. I told him, and he quickly undid his belt and pants, and I stroked his cock inside his pants. After about a minute, he told me that he knew I wanted to suck on his cock and I could start any time I wanted to. So I did. I pulled down his pants and got on my knees and was sucking him. I was bobbing up and down, squeezing his cock with my mouth up and down, and he loved it. Then I would go up and swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and sucked on the tip really hard and that really got him going. Next I used my hand on the bottom part of his shaft and my mouth on the top half, and that had him going crazy. Little did I know that he didn't want to cum in my mouth, but he wanted to wait. So I kept sucking and licking and stroking his cock. When I finally stopped, I was totally exhausted from it. We later guessed that I was sucking his cock for about an hour. Yes, a complete hour.

After I was done, I decided to take a break for a little bit. At this point I was still fully dressed, and I took my shirt off and flung it aside. Then I sat next to him on the couch, him stroking his cock, me relaxing. I watched him stroking a little bit, and we put a different porno in. I started getting hot and knew that my break was over. I put my hand down my pants and started stroking my clit, but not enough so I would cum. He moved my bra aside, but I asked if he just wanted me to take it off, so I did. Then, oh god, he sucked on one of my tits as I masturbated. I came so fast and so loud, he had to tell me to be quieter

After my first cum, he decided we should move to the bedroom. We both stripped down naked and went into his bedroom. I layed on the bed, and he layed the opposite way, and I knew what was coming next. I told him that I had never been eaten out, and I knew it was coming. So I layed back and totally enjoyed it. My god I loved it. It took him a while of fingering, licking and stroking, but I came again. Then he decided it was time to fuck. But he needed a little help getting it up, and he wanted me to suck on him again. So I sucked him for about 5 minutes, loving every second, until he was ready to fuck.

He made me scoot to the edge of the bed so he could fuck me as he was standing up. He had those warm sensation condoms, but he didn't need any lube because I was so fucking wet he barely needed it. When he got his cock inside me fully hard, he was about 6 inches, and I felt every inch of it. Mmmmmmm fuck I'm getting wet again just thinking about it. He fucked me for a little bit, then told me he wanted to do me doggie, which I have also always wanted to do. It took a couple of tries, but he got inside me, and FUCK I was happy!!! I love doggie style!! He would slip out once in a while, and would stick his fingers in to get me moaning and wet again. He started doing something he calls 'the shocker'...I don't know if anyone else calls it that or something different, but whatever...he would stick one finger in my ass, one or two in my pussy, and then stroke my clit. OMG did I love that too. I hadn't ever had good anal before, and just feeling someone else's finger in my ass was a joy. He fucked my pussy a couple of more times, doing the shocker to loosen my ass up. Then I felt his cock at my ass and I was moaning so loudly into the pillow! It took a couple of tries and a little more loosening, but WOW OMG FUCK when he got his cock in my ass, I was about screaming!!!!!! It was perfect anal, and it felt soooo amazing!!! (God I want it again so badly I wish I could just take him anytime I wanted!) He fucked my ass for a little while, and I could hear him moaning 'soo good' behind me, which made me horny. It ended too quickly when he pulled out of my ass and came.

He went and cleaned up, and I lay down to rest a little cause my knees were sore. I lay down on the bed and started watching a little tv to calm myself and he came back in the bedroom and lay behind me. We chatted for a couple of hours, I knew I wouldn't fall asleep, watching an old basketball game. All of a sudden, after he had just about fallen asleep, I felt his hand in between my legs, and I opened up. He started fingering me and rubbing my clit again, and after a few minutes I came for a third time. He wanted to try and fuck me in a couple of new positions, and wanted me to suck him again, for a third time. By this time, my mouth was sore, but I still wanted to suck his cock. So I sucked it for about 10 more minutes until he was sooo hard this time. He loved everything I was doing to his cock, and this time he was putting his hand on my back and directing my head a little bit. I was fucking loving it!

He wanted to try fucking me while spooning, but I was tight enough already, and he couldn't get it in at the right angle to get inside me. Then we tried me on top, and it didn't work quite too well cause I wasn't exactly flexible after six hours of sex and I wasn't experienced at all at woman on top. So then we decided to go back to doggie, which I was more than happy to do! This time he had to lube me up cause I wasn't giving out any more lube of my own, and he had another condom on. Those warming ones are the best! This time he just fucked my pussy, but it was sooooo nice! He would pull almost all the way out, then slam it back in, then do it fast, then slow again. I could tell he was getting close when he was fucking me fast and moaning 'oh god it's so fucking good!' Just hearing him say that I almost came again, but he pulled out and came again before I could cum. Oh well, I was totally happy anyway.

So after this, we had to leave in about 15 min, so basically I let my knees rest a little bit, and then we both got dressed, got in his car and left. Now it is two days later, and I am still sore...my legs are sore and my knees are sore. My neck was still sore this morning, but I want more. Much, much more.

Ok, that's all I'm gonna say about that, and hopefully you'll end it there cause this is gonna be boring. So today I went to work and I worked with him today, and at the beginning, when I saw him again, I went totally red. We have to keep this on the DL cause we don't want anyone at work to find out, and that's the only place I really see him. But after I got back into the rythym of work, it was nice. Although every time someone mentions sex, I have to make sure I hold my tongue and pretend I didn't just get laid two days ago. And when he was talking to some people today about these hot chicks he wanted to fuck, I was getting soooo jealous. I just wanna get laid over and over again, and he's the only one who I would fuck right now on a regular basis.

But anyway, I think that's where I'll end my e-mail. If you have any questions or want me to elaborate on anything, just ask and I'll be glad to tell you all about it. Hope you and everyone else on AdultFriendFinder enjoys this!!!

________ So that was the story she send me, and she wanted it to end up here. So now post a comment here.

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