Major Turn On's  

ReneAnn 48F
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6/12/2006 1:08 pm

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Major Turn On's

1. to have hot sex during a wild storm, listening to the rain beating on the window while we are rolling around in the bed.

2. Men with takes a lot of nerve to contact someone on a site like this and I respect that.

3. Men who are willing to talk about their fantasies and desires, since I want to please you, it turns me on to hear you tell me what you want.

4. Guys who just stepped out of the shower and are dripping wet.

5. Men who smell is not important, as long as you smell good. Clean skin smells sexy.

6. I love the smell of leather.

7. It turns me on to have sexy fingernails. I usually have them long and painted with my toes to match. I dont have a girly job, but I still love my girly nails.

8. Men who make me laugh.

9. A man who looks at me with passion in his eyes, he can barely concentrate he wants me so much.

10. A man who understands that its not the quantity, but the quality. A man who knows that giving me a two dollar present, or a dollar greeting card for no reason at all, is horribly appreciated, because its truly the thought that counts.

11. A man who will whisper in my ear in public exactly what he wants to do to me later while we are alone.

12. A man who will not stop flirting with me or being sexy just because we are not having sex at the moment. Foreplay lasts all day long.

13. Foot rubs! A man who will rub my feet deserves to be worshiped.

SirMounts 102M

6/27/2006 1:29 pm

My, you come across as a very open, and wonderful girl.
A warm welcome to blogging, ReneAnn. *smiling*

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