Inner Connection - It is real work  

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5/11/2005 1:57 pm

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Inner Connection - It is real work

Alot of women have asked me what I mean by Inner Connection....

I have challenged some of the psycological theories which deal with treatment of "past lives" what most AFFers call "baggage".

Most believe that "therapy" and "grieving" the negative experiences of the past will eventually lead to Never-Never Land. I don't.

The reason for this is that the "patients" or persons carrying excess baggage, in most cases, do not continue the "work" required after their therapy session or grieving. It compares to training or working out in a fitness center. "Personal Trainer"...what a great new name for someone who forces you to do something you would probably never have done...and if you do while enjoying the instructions of your trainer, it will give you the justification needed to not do anything until your next session.

We could call this the "Stop the Madness" theory and actually do your own "work"...find out how wonderful it is to cry when you feel like crying and inhale your also connected your chest...wrap them inside...close it and become one. (hopefully coherent enough..was getting a bit emotional)

More to the point....I believe you should dwell less on the is over...and you cannot really change a thing.

Go to a point where you felt good...real good..start there and take it one day at a time. Also, with each new experience ask yourself "how do I really feel about this...take time to listen and observe...

Once "connected", you cannot turn will feel pain, happiness and real emotions in your stomach...(used to be called gut feeling)

This will be a continuing work discussion for those interested...your thoughts and opinions wll be reviewed and replied honest.

I wish all an intense, honest and connected life and sexual experience...if you haven't had the is certainly worth it.

an honest squeeze...RekiGT3...good day

RekiGT3 62M
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5/14/2005 2:47 pm

Love ya baby...Peke my adorable one..yes..agree..grieving is there to get it over with...take out the trash...and move on. Thank you baby for your, as always, direct and to-the-point view.

your Mr. Bossy...more fondling with blondes on top
p.s. so far ... you are the only one who has called.

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