Happy Labor Day, Labor's fruitful rewards  

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9/4/2006 9:32 pm
Happy Labor Day, Labor's fruitful rewards

About a year ago I received a beautiful compliment from a lady that had been a practicing lesbian for over 25 years. We had gotten to be pretty good friends. We were both members of a particular 12 step group. What surprised us both is that both of us had been having fantasies about having sex with the other. One night while we were talking, she confided in me her fantasies. I acknowledged having the same fantasies. It was almost immediately that we were in bed. The experience would have been better off remaining a fantasy. However, a couple of weeks later, I was happily engaging in a wonderful period of pussy licking. It was amazing the responses that I got from this lady. After she had had an orgasm, she told me that that had been one of the best orgasms she had had in her life. She had felt it from the top of her head to her toes. Her next comment was the kicker. She said that I could give some lesbians some lessons on pussy licking. I took that as a great compliment and hope to help my lady friend enjoy the same experience. But she is so ticklish and lives over a 100 miles away, it may be a while before she lets me bury my face between her legs. Maybe someone else would like to enjoy the experience?

I love licking around and in a pussy, sucking the lips and clitoris, flicking my tongue over the engorged female sex button. I love the taste and the smell. I go crazy for more and more until the lady in question is shaking like a pile of quivering jello.

Here are some ideas for the guys.

I found, actually first read it in a magazine, that if I really lick more forcefully at the base of the clit going upwards from her pussy, the woman really gets revved up. Circling the clit with the tip of my tongue and only once in a while making full contact with the majority of my tongue directly over her clit. Oh, I love to hear her breath rapidly increase, the moans getting louder and longer in duration. And finally, she shoves my head away because she has gotten too sensitive and now wants to be filled to the brim. Happy diving and enjoying the exquisite fruits of your labors. Happy Labor Day.

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