Caribbean holiday - first night  

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2/28/2006 4:13 pm

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Caribbean holiday - first night

After six months of contract work I was totally exhausted,
so I popped in to the local travel agent and took a last minute
booking to a quiet Caribbean island resort. The girl behind
the desk said the place was a bit dated but I should come back
at least relaxed, her grin was huge as she was telling me,
but it was available and reasonable, so I took it. The island
was near St Vincent and from the information looked out
of the 50’s. There were several cabins spaced around the
grounds, cleverly all close to each other but still private;
with a central hotel with dinning rooms, bars, small shops
and a large pool. This seemed a bit strange as the beach was
only a few hundred yards away, but who cared I needed a holiday.
I flew down half way in a jet and then there was a small twin
prop plane holding about 20 people max to take us the rest
of the way. As I entered the waiting room the heat hit me,
smell of stale cigars and tired folks. I found the bar and
order a large rum & coke; looking around the room I guessed
these were the other guests for the next week. There were
two couples, who seemed to be travelling together or where
at least very friendly with each other, two pairs of honeymooners
and three single girls, in their late thirties and all had
nice curvy figures and were your normal next door plain
Jane type of people. It might have been my imagination but
they appeared to be eyeing me up, so I smiled back and gave
them a wink.

A few moments later we were called to the gate, so I knocked
back my rum while everyone rushed forward, almost if there
were trying the get the best seats. I was the last on to the
plane and my seat was next to one of the girls. Her name was
Jenny and it turned out they were all married and had left
their husbands back in Ohio, while they came down here every
year to get a tan. Her friends were Susan and Jane, Susan
was a redhead and Jane had as Jenny described the biggest
pair of tits who ever come across. As I smiled at the though
Jenny rubbed her hand up the inside of my leg in a sensual
but friendly type of way and asked if I was married! And then
asked if I had been to the resort before; so I told her my story,
she leaned across to me and whispered in my ear you may not
be any less tired but you sure will be more relaxed! Then
took my hand and slipped it up her skirt, I felt her moist
warmth and playing for her I let my middle finger run around
her pussy outlining her lips until I could feel them start
to swell and then slipping under the elastic of her panties
to caress her wet clit, I leant over the whispered back I
know what you mean and I have a single cabin. She closed her
eyes and bit her lower lip and let out a low deep sigh as I slipped
my wet fingers out again.

It slowly now dawned on me why the travel agent was grinning
and it was not my imagination in the airport, I had been set
up on a swinging holiday, and I must get some sleep to enjoy
She opened up and we talked about the island and how she came
across it; basically the three girls were married and their
sex life was petty barren at home They first came down here
about 3 years ago just for the Sun and the sea but discovered
vacation sex, non committal sex for a week with like minded
people and not tail ends to cause their marriages to break
up. Jane told me about the different parts of the island
complex, what she liked and what she did not, how she loved
hours of foreplay building up to hot passion; I could see
that she was getting turned on telling me.
As the plane turned over the island she used the excuse that
I was by the window to lean on me and stroked my cock, which
was stiff and jammed down my trouser leg, while angling
her breasts to force them into my face, not that I was complaining,
she pointed out the different places she had described
earlier before long we were kissing passionately and waiting
for the plane to land so we could find a place to fuck.
Our opportunity soon arose after clearing immigration
our bags were packed on the bus, we were given the option
to take a 5 minute walk across the complexes garden are take
the bus via the road to the hotel, we opted for the first,
while Jane’s friends took the bus to give us some space.
No sooner than we started to walk the other couple disappeared
in to the bushes, they must have had the same ideas. We found
a clearing just off the track and stepped in. Jane and I held
each other and started to kiss, her tongue was quick to dart
into my mouth and brush against my teeth; my hand slid down
her back un zipping her cotton dress, as I felt her hand grab
my belt and pull back on my trousers. I started to kiss her
shoulders and ease her dress and bra straps off as I kissed
her exposing chest. Her hand after dealing with the belt
quickly un buttoned and unzip me to allow the trousers to
gather around my ankles, her hand slipped into my boxers
and found what she was looking for. I unclipped her bra and
caressing each heavy breast in turn kissed and sucked her
nipple to erect mounds, as her dress collected over her
buxom waist, my finger felt the soft curvature of her sexy
belly as we dropped to the ground both eager to taste each
others swollen sex.
We rolled on the ground grunting kissing until we formed
the classic 69 position with her on top of me, her ankles
cupped my head as she kneeled above me enclosing me in her
sweet moist shadow; her tongue licked my stiff cock from
its tip down the veined sides to my balls causing me to shudder
with pleasure below she slowly swallowed my cock into her
mouth bobbing her head up and down over my swollen member.
I slowly raised my head so my tongue flicked at her lips first
at the base of her pussy, licking clockwise to her clit,
which I let the tip of my tongue dance over feeling for her
hidden spot, releasing her juices to run down my face, left
my head further allowing me to penetrate her and lick the
walls of her pussy sending shudders down to her legs. I resisted
coming as she exploded in my face and nearly crushing my
head as her legs buckled under the release of her orgasm..
She rolled sideways off me and a pushed her on to her knees
and mounted her pussy from the rear with long slow thrusts
moving in to my hilt and drawing out so the tip just remained
held in, her breathing picked up in time with my movement
and I pulled her towards her second orgasm and my first,
she begged me to pull her hair as we fucked, I leaned forward
and rolled my arm under her belly and nipped her nipple with
my fingers twisting to tight my grip as she moaned, as I felt
her start to cum I left go and grabbed her arse as I shot my
cum, as I pulled out both collapsed panting on the soft ground….
And so my first night on the island had begun…

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