RedheadedMedStd 34F
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4/4/2006 8:44 pm

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4/8/2006 5:47 pm


What is it with gay guys and Steel Magnolias? I mean it's ok and kinda funny, but my roommate made it out to be the movie of all movies!

It's been so windy today I thought all 112 pounds of me was gonna get taken out!



4/4/2006 9:35 pm

I really liked the movie but not the movie of all movies certainly...sounds like they gave you to much of a build up!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

RedheadedMedStd 34F

4/5/2006 1:06 pm

Magi, what are you getting at? What I am going med school for? I want to do anesthesiology* or radiology. (*I'm never sure I spelled that right.)

Wow, yea, my roommate is officially a drama queen. My Mom, my best friend, and I all determined that about a week ago. Evrything is either really horrible, really great, or not his fault.

Wordsmith2004 36M
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4/5/2006 3:39 pm

112 lbs? so basically it's step on your back...err...no...step on a crack and...disappear into the abyss forever??

you poor lil' starvin' marvin you!

Conserve Water and Prevent Global Warming: Shower With A MILF!

RedheadedMedStd 34F

4/5/2006 8:45 pm

Perv, I eat tons too! I am usually like 100 and have only gained 12 from being pregnant. My doc says my weight is good though for a small-boned, thin girl like me. My metabolism has always been sky high.

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