Update on my chaotic life (Part 2)  

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3/10/2006 1:49 pm

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Update on my chaotic life (Part 2)

My cousin is in town. Her name is Jesika and she is 32. She has done hard time for charges to do with narcotics. We went to go see "16 Blocks" last night. (SAVE YOUR MONEY, IT'S AWFUL!) I haven't seen her in about 10 years, the only time I saw her was at her Mom's funeral (my favorite aunt) several years ago. I only saw her for about 10 mins. and never even said "Hello" to her. We went to Starbuck's after in Barnes and Nobles. She bought my sister a birthday card, as she turns 20 in like 10 days. I kinda rambled in conversation; we talked about her 22 y/o boyfriend, her Dad, casual stuff. I kinda treated her like a friend I was getting to know. Truthfully, she was my aunt's only daughter, but I don't know her at all!

I was brought up with lots of tact and formal manners. There are certain things you don't talk about: her time in prison, her Mom's death, her Dad being pushy with regard to her getting Nana's car, stuff like that. She is not into anything I am into as far as I can tell. She is very modern day hippi-esque (You like that word? I just pulled it out of nowhere.) About the only things we have in common are her Mom (but much different memories), Anne Rice books, and writing.

My sister flies home tonight cause Nana's funeral is tomorrow. She was creamated so we could do a funeral when it was more convenient for the whole family. She is nervous because she doesn't know Jessie either and she and our Mom are VERY close. They wrote very frequently while she was in prison. She is finished with her sentence, parole and all. Her Dad is in AA and he met her boyfriend through that and Jessie met him through her Dad.

We are driving to MI to go to the funeral tomorrow, we leave at 9 am. Me, Abby, my Mom, my Dad, and Jessie all in one car for a 5 round trip. (Gulp!) I got strong-armed into singing at the funeral. My Mom told me I didn't have to, but hearing her tone of voice and knowing her, it wasn't a request. I have selected LeeAnn Womack's "I Hope You Dance." I can sing it cause it is low enough if I start to cry. Nana always told me she loved my voice and that I should sing more often, but I have horrible stage fright. I used to perform in a Showchoir, Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. But the operative word is CHOIR! I was up there with tons of people. I get that 'deer in the headlights' look when my roommate gets me up for karoeke after a few drinks, but I always get compliments on my voice.

My Mom and her brother, the only other living older family member are not on speaking terms. We will be going to MI, doing the funeral thing and leaving right after even though there will be a reception after the service at the church. That's how much they hate eachother. It is truly my choice to acknowledge him at the funeral and hug him, talk to him, and I have no idea if I will. Everyone else in the car I am going in will not be speaking to him. Drama, drama, drama!


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