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12/23/2005 12:05 am

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Some of my outside friends reading this would laugh if they read this. Thinking? She doesn't think she just does! I admit I am rather impulsive (especially when it comes to sex and men).

What is it that compels men to cheat?

This past weekend was a prime example which I have been pondering on for some time now. I went out with a very good friend of mine on Saturday with her boyfriend, his roomates, and like 10 others in one cab. It was nuts but fun. Lookin' all hot in my black tube top, red pants, and boots I felt like taking on the town. My frend and I split up from the boys and promised to meet up with them later as we had to share a cab home with all the damn rowdy, whiskey-lovin' soccer players. Throughout most of the night I was ok, but my friend was getting hit on to the point where she was uncomfortable. We eventually meandered back to the boys and the bar they were in. My friend and I bar hopped about 3-4 places and me being the kissing bandit I am when I drink and don't have to drive was stealing smooches from a very hot soccer player John..... I think. (Isn't that bad? I'm not even sure what his name was now!) End of the night we all pile into the cab, my friend and her boyfriend left earlier (she has an uncanny habit of misplacing her legs when she drinks with the big boys, including me.) My friends boyfriends roomate Clay has gone MIA. Nowhere to be found, called the phone, looked for him, and no Clay. (Meanwhile, I am freezing my rear off with no coat. But that is besides the point.) We finally get back to the boyfriends house, pay the cabbie and immediately 3/4 of the boys leave to go do illegal substances. The cute one too! I was bummed. I was so prepared to crash on the couch when the only other guy who had stayed behind informed me he was gonna share the couch with me. No fair! We ended up having a fun drunken night of sex, mainly to please our needs of the moment. Nothing special, just sex straight up. The next morning I find out he has a girlfriend! No one metioned this to me last night at any point! I feel horrible for allowing this guy to cheat on his girlfriend! Men should wear big signs that say "taken" or "not taken" (non removable mind you until the sign is no longer in effect) when they go to the bars so women like me do not feel like assholes in the morning!

Stop cheating! It doesn't make me feel better that I got away with it like it does you! I feel like scum and so should you! (That is only one girls opinion though.)

PS Final Rating: 8 For straight up sex when you are kinda drunk, it was DAAAAMMMMNNN GOOOODDD!!!


WoundFossaTinge 38M

12/23/2005 12:52 am

At least it was straight up DAMN GOOD drunk sex. Sorry he was taken, but it happens, what can I say, MEN are dogs for the most part. Myself, included... I have been in and out of a relationship for the past 8 months and there hasn't been enough sex. Right now I am out... but part of it has been because of the lack of sex... Sometimes we both just have animal urges and need it. Don't feel like an asshole, he is just a dog, like the rest of us. At least it was fun... Sorry if this lowers your thoughts of me, late drunken night and could use some fulfilling of needs myself, sleep tight and happy holidays.... tommyt_11

tillerbabe 55F

12/23/2005 2:41 am

The cheating thing sucs...don't "beat yourself up" too much hon.. you didn't know! And, from your writing, it's clear that you are imbedded with integrity. It's not only men, it's women too. Just be who you are... It's the dude that will meet his Karma! {=}

RedheadedMedStd 34F

12/23/2005 3:30 pm

Thanks for your words of wisdom Tiller you as always make me feel so much better

Tommy as long as you are not dating her now and you are sleeping around who gives? For now have fun, get laid, and enjoy yourself. Worry later.


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