Talk about a summer storm!  

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5/31/2006 8:29 pm

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Talk about a summer storm!

I've never had a great driving record. In fact, I've gotten my liscence suspended for being stupid. So now that I have a car I like and I am desperately trying to "be an adult," I am trying to drive like one too. Which is to say in my mind like a blue-haired lady vs. my normal self.

I was on my way to an appt. this afternoon when I hit a summer storm. I grabbed my new glasses at Lenscrafters and was on my way to my doctors appt. when it hit. Mind you the street I was on was already ripped to hell and back cause they are repaving it. A process that knowing my parents city, will take 3 years to complete. As soon as I step out of my car, it not only downpours, it fucking hails!!!

I got my glasses and proceed back to my car, amazed to see the hail and rain still continuing. I thought it had to be cold for it to hail. I guess I was wrong. Lenscrafters and the doctors are on any normal day 10-15 mins. apart. Today, it took almost a full 40 mins. to get there. My wipers were on high, my headlights on, it's 2 pm, and I can't see the damn street.

My mid-size sedan was getting pushed around cause of the gail-force winds. I was driving at about 15 mph and was having a hard time seeing the yellow and white lines, which to me is pretty scary. So I finally make it to the doctors office. I sat in the car for about 10 mins. hoping the rain would let up for 20 seconds so I could dash inside cause of course I left my umbrella sitting on my front hall table. I thought about taking it, but the possibility of rain was only like 30%.

Flash forward about an hour, I get out of the doctors office after my appt. and drying off. It barely looked like it had rained! The cement was still a little wet in some places, but the sun was out and it was humid all over again. So much for alleviating the humidity. I decided to drop by my parents house, I had just gotten some pictures in from my pal Lindsay in AZ and I wanted to show my Mom.

The drive to my parents should've taken 25 mins. it took me 25 mins. to cross 3 major intersections! Then it took another 20 mins. to get through their city and I took every back road I could force my brain to come up with. The schools had let out so everyone's Mommy was picking them up and no one was allowed on the major highway of Rt. 90 which I found strange.

At stopped by my parents and since my Dad works out of the house, I stopped up in his office to say hi to him too. You know what he told me? The intense summer storm I drove through had flash flooded a majority of the city, and on Rt. 90? 2 fucking feet of water from my parents exit to mine! Of course! He listens to talk radio (political stuff, not NPR though) while he works. Then I come home, shocked by all the traffic that was coming out of downtown as I left around rush hour, going in the opposite direction thank God! I find out on the 6 o'clock news, cars WERE stranded on the highway for a good 40 mins. until the cops and firemen could get there and haul all the cars out.

There are locals, pushing cars through 24 inches of water in their D&G heels and wearing now-soaked suit jackets. I considered myself lucky cause I took all back roads home. Now at 11:30 Cleveland time, I hear we are supposed to have more of the same tonight at some point and the prompt for such a random post was the fact that at 11 pm when I started this ramble, I hear the biggest clap of thunder and shock of lightining I have heard in years! I mean I am not one to jump unless it is scary. (Which is why I usually don't go to haunted houses with guys with low pain tolerances. I have a tendency to dig my nails into their arms.) I actually jumped at this one!

Moe my kitty, stopped dead and then ran under the couch, and Lizzie actually cowered! Neither one of them has ever reacted like that to a clap of thunder and some lightening!

Ok, I'm done now.


P.S. I don't know how some of you guys do all the comment whoring, I was exhausted by that damn game!

WoundFossaTinge 38M

5/31/2006 10:11 pm

Yeah, how about 25 min from Rocky River on Detroit to the middle of Lakewood. What a pain...

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