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1/5/2006 12:30 pm

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I wonder why people lower their standards for relationships. You would think after a certain number of injuries to the heart, you would find a subtle way to shield yourself, even from the supposed good eggs. I can say that I have. I have in order to save myself from the hurt, and the traumitizing ones, turned down guys I didn't find attractive enough, guys that had an annoying habit I noticed on the first date, guys that I wasn't all that into. I have probably left some wonderful guys in my wake wondering, what the hell happened? I think it's almost part of my MO. Love'em and Leave'em. I have ditched guys for any number of reasons, redneck qualities I found a little too close to true, guys who couldn't keep their hands to themselves, guys who didn't make me enough of a priority. I've seen friends who let themselves be extremely open and honest and get stomped on. I've only been dumped 2exes and I've been dating since I was 18. I have had more boyfriends than I care to count, and I have watched many friends invest tons of time, effort, money, and emotion into a relationship and when 3 months down the road it doesn't work the guy walks away just fine and the girl is crushed. Why do we open ourselves up for disappointment? Also, isn't that part of a site like this so that if one fish isn't up to your standards, you can throw him back and look for a different one? I understand that this is supposed to make finding an adult friend easier, but sometimes I think it makes it harder. There is fierce competition for females and males and the ones we do find attractive, end up not fitting the bill in some other way. Long/thick? Tell the truth boys! If it's over 7 it's long, 5-7 average, under 5 short. If most girls can overlap their fingers on your skin flute, you are thin, if it's a healthy handful, it's average, if they cannot touch their fingers together, it's thick. Get it right y'all! I have dumped guys who are too dramatic, can't keep up drinking in a bar with me, and who don't make enough money. I dunno about the rest of you, but I feel at 23, with 5 years of too many bad dates behind me, and some really bad sexual partners too, that my standards will remain high. If that means I only get laid my 2 fuck buddies for the next 4 years, so be it. At least I'll be getting laid well, by a couple of hot guys, that undoubtedly know what buttons to push until I find the right one. Until then, I'll throw as many back as I want!


P.S. Don't go away mad because you got rejected, just go away! Plus, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure! (Very cliche, but necessary.)

tillerbabe 56F

1/6/2006 1:44 am

Dear one.. you are "wise beyond your years"...don't settle. You know what you want. I appreciate your honesty, I think itis a dis-service to lead someone on we don't "mesh" with. Youare doing the right you..BE TRUE TO YOU! {=}

dasher121 36M

1/9/2006 8:21 am

i think that people do that because they get very lonely. they go for the "next best thing" rather than "best for them."

and you are very correct on your "cliche". its widely used but oh so true. great post here

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