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11/29/2005 10:37 am

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Sex Dreams

As I sit here with my coffee, I am still blown away by the powerful sex dream my brain came up with last night. I couldn't tell you who it was that I had sex with in my dream, all I remember is everything I felt, I experienced, I desired.

I had just had a fight with the guy in my dream. I was so angry with him that I had hit him and I remember my hand tingling as I left his apartment. I got out the door and I felt rage as I heard him walk out after me. I turned around to yell at him and he pushed me up against the stairwell and kissed me. Hot, hard, and animalistic. He pulled away and both he and I were breathless. My eyes grew wide as he started to undo my jeans. "No" I told him and I pushed him away harder than I should have. I got about 2 steps from him and he grabbed my jacket and pulled me back to him. I was struggling to button my jeans as he shoved my hand away and thrust his hand into my pants. I was hot and wet as he drove his fingers into me. At his mercy, I clung to the stairwell, begging my knees not to buckle. My brain told me to force him to stop, that this was not what I wanted, but my body seemed frozen to the spot only able to move when he commanded it to. Rough hands went underneath my shirt, finding my bra and going under it, lifting up my shirt wholey so he could bite my nipple. They stood at attention, and he continued to punish me, finger fucking me and alternating between sucking and biting my nipples. He moved from under my shirt to my ear, doing something divine that had me quivering in my jeans. Him fingering me was getting to me, I was not only wet now, I was pulsing with arousal. He flicked my clit with his thumb and did that wonderful thing again to my ear and I went over the edge. I moaned as I came into his hand. He removed it and I watched my cum slide between his fingers as he licked the remainder off his fingers. I stood shocked. I had never seen this before from a man. So domineering, so forceful, so rough; I liked it. I gave him a look that would have frozen ice. "Are you done yet? I have somewhere I have to be." That was a lie, I just wanted to be able to sit in my car before my legs gave out and relish the orgasm I just had. He shook his head. He roughly turned me around and pulled my jeans down further to expose my ass. I pulled away and started to yank up my jeans. "Ok seriously, I'm leaving." He jerked on my jeans simultaneously pulling me back to him and lowering them again so he could spank me for being naughty. The sting felt wonderful and I felt him move my thong to the side and heard him unzip his pants. "You gonna fuck me? Yea, you better..." I felt his calloused hands return to both my nipples and my clit. I felt his hard shaft slide between my cheeks and I ached to feel him inside me. His thumb on my clit was more than I could take, I came again, and this time he moved his hands to my waist. He dug his fingers into my hips to get a grip and I open my lips, soaking wet and still throbbing to him. He drove into me violently. I felt him between my legs, his balls gently slapping my clit. His vigorous thrusting against my wetness made me hot again. I was bent over the railing, holding onto the banister as he fucked me from behind. He stopped pumping for a moment and did what felt like a figure 8 inside me, he leaned over me and squeezed my clit gently with his thumb and forefinger. He licked my ear and I went again. I could hear him break into a smile. He continued plunging into me and I felt him within moments explode into my dripping orafice. He removed his member from me. I was dripping and aching in a way I had never experienced when he crouched down and licked me clean. I was still hanging onto the railing. He pulled up his pants and I yanked up my jeans. I smiled as I tucked in my shirt. He kissed me again, gently this time, and massaged my tongue with his. He walked back into his apartment. I felt the sweat roll down my back as he crooked his finger at me while he walked into his apartment. So much for fighting.


WoundFossaTinge 38M

11/29/2005 9:51 pm

WOW... I don't know how to respond other than, WOW. I dream that I could possibly have a dream that intense. Is this a dream you want to come true? But anyway... keep up the blogging, it puts a smile on both of my heads... That was cheezy, but you catch my drift... sometimes I wish I could be more creative.

MillsShipsGayly 51M

12/1/2005 7:28 am

vivid !!

hot !!!

two-thumbs up (well 3 appendages)

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