Seducing Dwyane  

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1/15/2006 11:58 am

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Seducing Dwyane

Last night, the star of the post Off of Rt. 53, Dwayne came to visit me. He needed a night off from Columbus and thinking about work, so he can up and I took him out. Dwayne is a Matt Damon look-alike, and has the best ass I have ever seen. He drove up to Cleveland and arrived about 8:30-9. We hung out for a little while just relaxing and he was chit chatting with Greg my roommate. We finally got changed and went to Bottom's Up, my favorite haunt, for dinner. Roxanne the bartender was slammed and I was kinda pissed she didn't take care of me like she normally does, even though she knows I am a regular who spends lots of cash and time in there. We decided to go to Pug Mahone's (an Irish bar) for the rest of the night. They had a live band playing, kind of a twist on DMB, Jason Mraz, and Bruce Springsteen. It wasn't too bad. We had some beer, and a shot called a Lemon Drop. Good stuff. We left about 1:30am and came home to a house that was quiet, Greg had already gone to sleep for the night. He knew in advance that he might accidently get woken up tonight so I wasn't too worried. We were watching Top Gun for a while and I decided to go "take out my contacts". Granted I did do that, but I added some lingerie that is saved for very special occasions, and I know for a fact that Dwayne appreciated me in that outfit. I walked back into the living room wearing my little outfit, hair down and tousled in the "come fuck me" look. All of a sudden Tom Cruise wasn't getting all of the attention any more. We ended up in my room (obviously) once on the floor and twice in my bed. This very girthy guy and I used 3/4 condoms he brought with him and were up until almost 5am. I know that Greg normally gets up in the middle of the night, but I think he chose to try to go back to sleep last night. I woke up at 7:30 and made him coffee and woke him up at 8, he had to go into the office today (I told him I thought he was nuts don't worry) and he wanted to get there at a decent hour. I am slightly sore, but divinely exhausted. I went back to bed after he left at 8:30 and slept until 1:30. I for some reason sleep pretty lousy when someone else is in my bed, I am overly concerned about giving them enough room subliminally I think. I haven't gotten any in a while and it was nice to remember what cumming 2-3x's per session felt like. Too bad I woke up Greg and he didn't get back to sleep until 5am. Ooops!

Final Rating: 6, it was pretty average, comsidering the partner...

dasher121 36M

1/16/2006 5:55 am

WOW, great story Red! have always fantasised about having someone come into the room like that, because, big shocker here have never had that done for me. Big turn on for a guy, and hats off to you for the great sexual romp!

WoundFossaTinge 38M

1/16/2006 11:53 am

Sounds like a fantastic night. There is just something about having sex till 5am that is awesome. Also, completely agree w/ dasher about a girl walking into a room like that as an enormous turn on and sadly enough, have never had the experience either. Glad to hear you had fun.
Also, have fun and good luck heading back to school for the semester.

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