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I rush outside realizing my windows are open as the rain pours down. I dropped my keys (of course). I reached down to get them and since I had had such a shitty day, I can't reach them. They are almost halfway under my car at this point. I decided "Fuck the jeans", and got down on my knees, my wet hair in my face, getting in the way of my vision. I finally reach my keys, cursing under my breath as I unlock my car and slide into the passenger seat. I stick my keys in the ignition and turn on the engine and successfully roll up the windows. I realize I am soaking the leather seats and letting mud drip down from my jeans onto the floor mats. I removed my keys and locked my car. I was a few car lengths from my apartment so I walked. I took my time, I figured I was practically soaked anyway, there's no point in dashing for the door. Suddenly I notice a figure walking towards me. I moved out of the way, trying to clear a path to accommodate the wide berth of a seemingly ludicrously sized umbrella. I was almost past the person and I felt a hand on my arm. I was quite alarmed as I hadn't looked at this passing figure to see if I recognized them. With my bad day I was just hoping that I could shower and that my roommate had not used all the hot water up. I looked up, jerking my head around, prepared to hit whomever it was, and was shocked to see a neighbor from the next building over. He was a great-looking guy; redhead, freckles everywhere, blue eyes, he looked like he just stepped off the boat. His already lean frame he kept in shape by karate. We had casually chatted a few times, nothing serious, but we had always had those beats where it was a little too much. He looked into my eyes a little too long, he took his time standing up when he knew I was watching, his smile formed extra slow into that cocky grin. I was by now soaked, I would have to hang my clothes to dry before I could wash them. Matt's smile, that slow southern-style grin formed. His teeth whiter than most teeth whitening commercials. I had teased him once that if the lights ever blew on the street I would still be able to find him, cause you would still see his teeth. " Wet?" he asked. "A little water never hurt anyone." I thought fast, "The Wicked Witch of the West would beg to differ." He laughed low in his throat, he took my arm pulling me in the opposite direction of my apartment building. I just followed him, stunned. We walked behind his apartment building and he pulled my log-sleeved shirt over my head after he set down his umbrella. My hands raced under his shirt, feeling all the muscle he had to offer my fingertips. Both of us were wet by then, our clothes sticking to us and we laughed as we struggled to get each other's jeans off. My dark blue thong made my skin look so creamy white in the dark. The bra I wore was soon on the ground under the tree with the rest of our clothes. I removed his boxers and with my nails, gently raked them up his inner thighs until I was standing again. He kissed me hungrily, as though I were a delicious meal about to be consumed and he was a starving soldier. I kissed him back, matching his passion. My stomach knotted, and although it was chilly out, I no longer felt it. The knots in my stomach blended to heat that shot straight to my loins. I suddenly ached for his touch. I leaned into him, feeling his body respond to mine. Slick bare skin touching, feeling the other's heat. My heart pounded and I knelt in front of him. I began by kissing and nibbling his thighs, where I had seen him rest his hands so many times watching his and my dog play over the summer. I spread his legs and ran my tongue along the inside of his thighs. He groaned and a moment later he dragged me to my feet, kissing my with such force I fell back a step. He pulled me to a brick wall, the measly tree branches offering no shelter from the continuous rain. He placed his hands on my shoulders and made it clear to me that he wanted me to finish my previous project. I knelt and took him into my mouth, using my hands and tongue; running them over his shaft, flicking the head with the tip of my tongue. I sucked him like I would a Popsicle for a few minutes and I could feel every muscle in his body tense when he liked it, and relax when he wanted a change. He put his forefinger under my chin and lead my back to his mouth, which ravaged me. He turned me so my back was against the wall. I felt his lips all over me, from my ear, to my neck, to my collarbone. Each brush of his lips felt like a breath of hot air on me as my nerves went on overload. He pulled away from me, sucked his fingers as I licked my lips, preparing myself for what was coming next. I felt his fingers probe my slit, already hot from his kisses alone. I came. I was so worked up. He continued to finger me, looking at me searching my face for likes and displeasure. He worked my G-spot and I felt the pressure shoot up my spine and send pleasure spikes to my brain. I felt some brain cells short out as the logical side of me flickered off. Suddenly I felt his cock, hard as granite, teasing the tip of my clit. He would move on it and then away. Spike and relax. Spike and relax. He turned me around so that my hands were on the wall and my ass was facing him. I smiled to myself, knowing the best was yet to come. I felt his hand on my lower back as he eased himself into me slowly, taking his time. The rain provided natural lubrication and a different sensation about everything. I felt him thrust, in and out; in and out. He placed both hands on my hips and moved faster. I pushed back onto him, creating more friction. I felt the blood in my head rush to my clit, which he now fingered. while still driving into me. I came again, my fist pounding onto the brick wall. He stood up, moving faster as his body began to tense up. I knew he was close. He picked up my right leg and curled it around his waist so I could help. I could hear his breathing, the animalistic growls that he released as he pounded into me relentlessly. "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum..." he grunted out. "I want you to cum all over my ass." I crooned. "All over it, with your cum." He allowed me to take back my leg and I felt him retreat from my aching hole. Then there was his cock on my ass, tapping my ass, as I knew he was getting himself there. I turned around as he came, watching it deliciously spread all over my back and ass. We stood in the rain for a few moments after, kinda rinsing off. We struggled to make ourselves look decent and parted ways. I rode the elevator up with a huge grin on my face, my clothes, my hair, my makeup all dripping off of me. I ran straight to the bathroom and showered. Mud, debris, and all sorts of nastiness slid off of me. As I got out, I rinsed the shower extra well. I heard my roommate come in the apartment. "Where have you been?" he asked completely winded. "I was just on my way to call the cops, I thought you'd been abducted!" I sauntered to my bedroom with a smile from ear to ear. "You could say that." I replied over my shoulder.


WoundFossaTinge 38M

1/4/2006 12:19 am

Wow... that was amazing. If this is a true story, congrats on having such an amazing encounter. The story is just... hot. I love reading good erotic stories. Once again, fantastic work. Later -tommyt_11

PleasureT0gether 33M
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1/4/2006 12:42 am

Nice story, hope it real...Cause b4 you said a guy has yet to make you cum, but this guy did it more then once I'd stop over and see him again if I was you . Happy New Year.

tillerbabe 55F

1/4/2006 2:00 am

Well damn! Toodles!

dasher121 36M

1/4/2006 9:47 am

yes that was def amazing. very vivid. got me all hot just sitting at my desk. now if i could just find a cold shower near by lol.

RedheadedMedStd 34F

1/4/2006 3:29 pm

Guys just an FYI cumming and an orgasm are two seperate things. You can have one without the other.


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