Penile Prowness, aka Getting milk from "The Man"  

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Penile Prowness, aka Getting milk from "The Man"

Dedicated to Notatalker: I hope this suits!

The mahogany desk stretched before her polished to a high gleam that could only be achieved here.

"And this, is the Oval Office." The tour guide smirked. He was about 25, and was wearing the type of blue blazer that made Catholic nuns everywhere proud. His khakis were crisply pressed and the watch on his wrist temporarily blinded her as he checked the time.

"This office has been known as the place where some of the most important decisions for our country have ever been made." He winked at her and she felt her face flush. How did he know that this kind of rush, being in the President's office would get her all hot and bothered? The rest of the tour group moved along with the guide and she followed, admiring the carpet that was so carefully vacuumed and the blotter placed precisely in the center of the desk.

"This now concludes our tour of the White House, thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions, I will be available to answer them. Complimentary coffee, water, and doughnuts are supplied to my right through that door." the guide gestured behind him.

She thought about getting a doughnut and some coffee. She wasn't gonna get what she really wanted, so she might as well get a substitute. She was dreaming of the ways that she could manipulate the cute tour guides phone number out of him. Passing behind him, she couldn't help but notice the way he filled out his pants, the way his shoulders were straight, he stood as if he had some sort of military training, almost at attention. He was talking to some blue-haired lady with a bad perm, which made him free for inspection. She moved towards the coffee set-up and absently picked up a cup and a pastry. What a poor replacement, she thought biting into the sweetness.

Coffee drained and doughnut gone, she walked towards the door. 11 am she thought, too early for lunch, but I'm still hungry. She glanced back at the tour guide, his eyes sparkling. Too bad, she thought. He was tied up with the blue-haireds hubby by then who was gesturing wildly, talking about some decision the President had recently made. She walked out the exit door labeled Visitors and made her way towards the nearest hot dog stand.

Nothing like a dirty-water dog to make me feel better, she thought and waited patiently to pay the vendor. Sitting down on the bench, she chewed her way through half the hot dog, and held the 2nd one precariously as the runny mustard threatened to drip on her jeans. A figure sat down beside her and exclaimed, "There you are, you left so fast I wasn't able to get your name." She turned around, no longer aware of the food. It was the cute tour guide! "Don't you have to be setting up for another tour?" she asked.

"Nah, I switched with the other guy so I could take an early lunch and see if I could still catch you."

"Am I supposed to be flattered?" she retorted.

He looked a little startled, "Ummm, yea, I guess you are."

She handed him the hot dog in her other hand. "Happy lunch hour." He smiled.

Turns out, he only had to work a half day, so he ended up taking her on a more extensive tour of the White House when he was done. The tie loosened and jacket unbuttoned, he didn't look like a White House intern anymore, he just looked like the rest of the jacket-slingers on The Hill. She listened to him talk, going into detail about his internship, his love of politics, and his White House stories. They reached the Oval Office again. She trailed her fingers absently along the smooth wood, wondering what it would be like to sit in that chair behind the desk of the most powerful man in the world.

"You wanna have a seat?" he looked at her deviously.


"You have that look that some people get, like they wanna see what it feels like to sit there. Go ahead, I've done it, I won't tell." He took her hand and led her over the velvet ropes to the chair. She sat. A feeling of power surged over her. She smiled as she leaned back into the leather.

"You've really sat here?"

"Yep, I think every intern and tour guide has snuck back in here at one point and sat in this very chair. It's almost a right of passage around here."

Suddenly a thought occurred to her, "We aren't gonna get caught by another tour are we?"

"Nope, next one starts at one. Everyone has an hour lunch and it takes time to set up for the tour, so it'll be a while."

She took his hand and stepped out of the chair. She sat him down and made her way into the chair hold underneath, pulling him with her so he was sitting at the desk. "Mr. President, I'm just a lil' ol' intern, what can I do for this great country of ours?" she giggled in a Southern drawl.
The next thing he felt was his pants being unfastened.

Instantly he hardened, how did she know this was a fantasy of his? He stared at the wall, anticipation making him jumpy. She placed her mouth close to his member and breathed hot air onto it, only taking a moment to take in another breath as she closed her lips around it.

He moaned, "Sweet Jesus." Her mouth rhythmically worked up and down, sliding along his shaft, lubricating every inch of his manhood. She flicked the tip of his head with her tongue, wondering what his face looked like at that moment. She smiled evilly to herself, imagining his shock.

And indeed he was. His head lolled backward and he closed his eyes, biting his lower lip in an effort to not moan out loud again. Faster he felt her move up and down, saliva, lips, fingers, and he distinctly felt a ring on one of them. He gripped the desk, hoping desperately he could keep quiet, the pressure for release was building steadily and he wanted to make it last as long as he could. He recited the Supreme Court judges in his head, which this time although usually fool-proof didn't seem to help this time. He felt his balls gently being pulled by the woman below the desk and he reached a hand down to caress her face. He brushed his hand across what he could reach of her cheek as she continued to swallow him like the hot dog he'd watched her consume earlier.

She still seemed hungry, even after such and extensive lunch. He helped her from the niche beneath the desk until she was standing. He hurriedly unbuckled her belt and slid her jeans to her knees. He lifted her shirt to reveal a simple pink bra. His hands greedily went from her breasts, down her stomach, and further south. His fingers found their way into her, hot and moist. Now it was her turn to moan. He licked her stomach, tasting her sweet skin mixed with her perfume, an intoxicating vanilla. He pushed himself out of the chair and half hiked her onto the desk so he had a better angle.

His fingers thrust in and out,and he felt her heat growing. He laid his mouth on that sensitive little button and he heard her hand hit the desk, hard. One hand inside her and one on her hips, he looked up. Her face was flushed, just like the first time he winked at her in this very room. It was beading with sweat, probably from trying to control herself, he thought and shined mentally at the idea.

He turned her over, and her fingers gripped the far edge of the desk. He went down on her again, licking her salty sauce from in between her thighs. She whined, "Please, fuck me. Please." He stood up, feeling himself grow even more rigid. She reached her hand back and opened herself so he could enter her. The first one was always the best. The feel of her tightening around him gave him a rush.

She held onto the desk as he pounded her from behind, her slickness dripping down his thighs. He worked faster and felt the sweat trickle down his back as he worked himself in and out. She slid easily over the polished wood, her body sweating freely now. She couldn't believe how turned on she was. Was it the fact it was in the Oval Office? The fact that she was fucking a stranger? Or something else? She felt the pressure of an orgasm build so rapidly she had no chance for actual thought.

He felt her squeeze as she flooded over him. He tried to come up with the judges names again, no dice. He came over her, onto her. His cum splashing onto her two firm ass cheeks which were slick with their sweat and he looked at her hips, which he had been holding onto firmly. There were red marks from holding on so tight. She turned around with a satisfied look on her face. She licked her lips as if she had just finished the most delicious meal.

They shared their first kiss, hot and sweaty. After recovering sufficiently, they pulled back on clothes that had been wrinkled to the point of no return. She mentally laughed as she thought of the buttoned up tour guide she had lusted over that morning. What a surprise he had turned out to be! She made up her mind. They were walking towards the Visitors exit and she could see the other intern setting up the coffee carafe, not bothering to conceal his surprise as he stared in awe of the red faces he saw emerging from the room. She grabbed a napkin and found her pen in her purse.

Moments later she handed it to him. All it had was a hotel name, a room number, and a time, 4:30. "Go take a shower and a nap." she whispered throatily in his ear. "You are gonna need all the rest you can get Mr. President."


Phuc_Buddy 46M

6/1/2006 10:04 am

Very hot RED, very hot indeed.

WoundFossaTinge 38M

6/1/2006 10:40 am

Wow... nice story Red. Lucky tour guide...

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6/1/2006 12:03 pm

Loved it! I may have a new favorite blogger.

n0tatalker 39M

6/2/2006 3:08 pm

well y0u almost had me speachless... s0rry it t0ok me so long to get a chance to respond... i just had to stop a c0uple of times and shake the presidential hand.

it was definatly better then any trip to the oval office that I dreamed about... there were no ninjas in this one!

all in all... probably one of the c0olest things written about me in a decade! y0u are the best! Thank you.


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