Part II: The New Wave of Pick-up Lines  

RedheadedMedStd 34F
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6/22/2006 9:58 am

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7/2/2006 3:01 pm

Part II: The New Wave of Pick-up Lines

21. Do you want to dance? No? Well I guess a fuck is out of the question then?

22. You must be Jamacian, because Jamacian me crazy!

23. My recipe for love is one cup of you, one cup of me, knead 'til hard, and serve hot.

24. I'll provide the camera, you provide the bed, and let's hop in it and make some Kodak memories.

25. Hey baby, I'm like American Express, you don't want to leave home without me.

26. Do you have a quarter? My mother told me to call home when I met the girl of my dreams.

27. Hey baby, what's your sign? Caution? Slippery when wet? Yield? Dangerous curves ahead?

28. Hi, my name is _________. Remember it, cause you'll be screaming it all night long.

29. I can't find my puppy, can you help me? I think he went into this cheap motel room.

30. Do you wanna play choo-choo? You be the tunnel and I'll be the train.

31. You must be jelly, cause jam don't shake like that.

32. The fact that I'm missing my teeth just means that there's more room for your toungue.

33. Hi, my name is Skippy, like the peanut butter, I stick to the roof of your mouth.

34. Hi, my name is Pogo, wanna jump on my stick?

35. Guy: Haven't I seen you someplace before?
Girl: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

36. Guy: (to the hooker) How much do I owe you?
Hooker: Just give me your Mastercard, because I'm that everything else that plastic takes care of.

37. Like Nike says, Let's go in the back and just do it.

I wonder if any of these ever worked? Probably not.


rm_1sexyroo 56M/55F
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6/22/2006 11:49 am

Nice dress it would look better in a heap at the end of my bed though
IF your right leg is Thanksgiving and your left leg is X-mas can I visit you between the holidays
Are you tired yet ? You must be exhausted you have been running threw my mind all week long
IF you sit on my face I will guess your weight ..... and eat the difference
Sensational sex 25 cents , satisfaction guarenteed or your money cheerfully refunded
Of course you need to loose a few pounds but its nothing a weekend in bed wouldn't fix
If i let you get me drunk will you take me home and have yoru way with me
If I follow you home will you keep me ???

rm_AveDogg8 36M
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6/23/2006 9:44 am

hilarious. i love a great sense of humor. you will have many great times, as long as u can use that sense of humor in all you do.

playtime44uandi 52M
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6/24/2006 9:35 am

I dont think they'd work either, but the following the little puppy into the cheep motel was cute! lol.....

~We'll Leave The Light On~

rm_HornyUK79 37M
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6/25/2006 12:29 pm

Hi Red!

Love the post, love the blog, love your sense of humour, love your attiude, love your profile and love your bum...

What can I say? I'm a very loving guy!! Just a pity I'm so far away...

Keep blogging sexybum!

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