My personal Hershey bar  

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2/24/2006 8:08 pm

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My personal Hershey bar

My personal Hershey bar is 6'4" with brown hair and chocolate eyes. He has an inane sweet tooth which means he always has candy around the house. He used to play basketball and football in high school and keeps in really good shape. He has a mini-teacup Doberman Pinscher that cracks me up, cause he is so tall and she's one of those kinds of dogs you put in a purse. He keeps a year-round tan and has Crest commercial white teeth that when he flashes them at me, make me want to melt. He has 4x's the wardrobe I have. He has a closet for pants, jackets, and shirts (literally one for each!). I mean the guy owns 28 pairs of jeans! (I counted once.) He can barely boil water, but Papa John's should know him by his first name by now. He looks like a kid playing dress up when he dresses for work. (He does have brains I swear!)He looks amazing in a hat, work-out pants and no shirt (which is what he wears 90% of the time when he is home). He has been blessed with a generously sized "salami" (salami, hahaha!). He thinks blow jobs are the best thing ever and I actually like giving them to him cause he is so vocal. He doesn't have hair anywhere on his body but his arms and head. He is physically something I would pick out of a catalog. I am however, gonna have to teach him what to do in bed. I mean he has the basics down (tab a fits in slot b), but beyond that he doesn't really seem to know how to please me. I don't think he ever had to learn that with previous girls.

I just want to find a subtle way to bring up the fact that he has no clue what do do with me. Any suggestions?


MillsShipsGayly 51M

2/27/2006 1:13 pm

Leave a really hot erotic story in a place where he will find it. Maybe the story has some things you like - blindfolds, expert oral, vibrators in use etc...

He'll see it, read it, be a little intimidated by it, but when you 'catch him' reading it, you'll be able to tell him 'some of that is fun' and 'maybe we could try that' or .....

Just don't give him your AF handle

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