My dumb neighbor  

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12/12/2005 9:08 pm

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My dumb neighbor

I came home very late from my date with X. As I got out of the elevator, I was startled to have my neighbors 2 dogs jump out at me. Now granted, I have my own dog whom I love dearly, but at this hour I was shocked to have my neighbor be up that late. I know one works 3rd shift, but he still was not due back for another 2-3 hours. I knew they never locked their door, so I opened the door to let the dogs inside, thinking that they let themselves out (hey it happens, they are smarter than average I swear) only to find my neighbor (lets call him M) passed out in the front hallway of his apt. I was pretty concerned. I walked over to him and started shaking him. I noticed there were girls shoes and a purse in the living room. (M lives with a college buddy, a guy.) I was still not getting a response after 5 minutes of shaking and pinching pretty hard, so I went to go find the girl. She was dead to the world in M's bed, still in everything but shoes. I attempted to wake her up to no avail. At this point I started to worry, I had noticed that M had probably hit the ground at some point, cause his backside was soaked. I also noticed (and still laugh about) the fact that his zipper was undone, but he missed the bathroom by about 40 feet. Instead, he had used his jeans yet again to absorb all that liquid. I noticed that I could get him to utter groans and grunts but not words. I decided to call his roomate at work to see what his suggestion was. At that moment M swung at me, still unconcious with his eyes closed and hit me in the shoulder. I took this as him being semi-concious and urged him to get onto the couch instead of the floor. He didn't respond. After about 4 more minutes of trying to wake him up, he started (in his sleep mind you) to hurl. That sent off red warning signs in my head. To me, that means abmulance. Your body will normally only regurgitate when you are awake 'cause that's just how your brain works; when you start doing that in your sleep, that's when you have put too much of something into your body and your body is rejecting so profusely that you throw up unconciously. You can choke on your bile, or suffocate in it and die. I rolled him onto his side, almost gagging and called his roomate. I talked to him briefly, and he said that I should wake up his friend in his bed and tell her to take care of it since she took him out and got him that trashed, he also said something under his breath about not being able to take his shit anymore; he also said not to call the paramedics. Grudgingly, I didn't; it would've served M right to end up with that huge hospital bill. Meanwhile, M is mumbling and cussing me out at the same time. I finally got the girl up, I put the dogs in their kennels, cleaned up the yucky substance on the floor rapidly, and explained to his pal what happened. I don't know what happened after that.

The next day, M knocked on my door and asked me what happened. He didn't remember anything!!! I never got a "Thank You" or an "I'm Sorry" and when I told him he needed to be more careful, he proceeded to cuss me out again! (I won't repeat what he said, he swears like a sailor.) I closed and locked the door on him and 30 seconds later he came back and kicked the door with all his might and yelled some very inappropriate words. I was gripping the desk trying not to allow myself to run out there and clock him. I practically saved the guys life and he's not even grateful! What a jerk! See if I ever do anything for him again!


WoundFossaTinge 38M

12/15/2005 12:49 am

Yeah... don't help him again. He can fit under the definition of "donkey."

RedheadedMedStd 34F

12/16/2005 8:45 pm

Thanks for all the support recently. Isn't he a nice guy folks?


alackofrepose 41M

12/19/2005 12:34 pm

what a jerk. some people. it sounds like you handled the situation very well (at every stage).

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