My New Neighbors in 201  

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1/14/2006 12:35 pm

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My New Neighbors in 201

Last night my roommate and I had an interesting encounter with our new neighbor. He actually isn't a neighbor, he lives 2 floors down in 201. He was apparently walking around the apartment building last night at about 3am drunk as a skunk, holding a wine bottle and a corkscrew. The poor guy was clutching them for dear life as if somone would take it from him. My next door neighbor caught him with his ear pressed to the door of every apartment trying to figure out where he lived. Greg my roommate apparently rode up in the elevator with him and he told Greg he was looking for his "people", whoever they are. Greg was apparently trying really hard not to laugh. Matt the next door neighbor heard him jiggling the doorknob to his appartment door and his huge German Shepard Bronx told him someone was at the door. The guy apologized for being lost and then proceeded to go to the top (5th) floor and do the same thing. Greg thinks he screwed him up by taking the elevator to the 4th floor. Our elevator is old and tempremental. It probably passed the 2nd floor and kept going to the 4th floor, hereby screwing up the new drunk guy. He was walking like a Weeble, he wobbled, but he wouldn't fall down. Pretty funny stuff. I am just sorry I missed it all. For all I know he is still walking around in his socks looking for his "people". Hahahaha...


dasher121 36M

1/17/2006 3:59 am

hahahahah that is hilarious!!! lol. My first year in college my rommate and I moved to another dorm(well ok, we got kicked out of ours and had to move lol) and our new room was right next to the community bathroom. We had many nights where drunk ass's thought our room was the restroom, and after trying the door multiple times, they would just piss on our door and be on their merry way.

So very glad we kept the door locked at ALL times!!!

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