Memories of a Lighthouse  

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4/6/2006 6:04 pm

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Memories of a Lighthouse

The wind whipped through his hair,
as if boldly teasing him to come play.
The waves crashed,
singing a melody all their own,
and in the midst of it all,
a light flashed through the night.
The lighthouse,
he thought.
The ever watchful eye of the lighthouse.
It had seen many things from it's rocky spot.
It had watched as ships tossed and turned in the ocean,
and it caressed the silhouette of couples making love in the sand.
It watched children frolick in the tide pools,
and it regarded with cool reserve as lovers went their seperate ways.
The salty air brought back memories,
good ones,
and bad.
The cookout where that teenage girl had drowned,
and of his first kiss on his first date.
He remembered skipping stones across its smooth surface,
and he remembered arguing with his mother while the waves crashed and raged behind them.
But one thing was always constant,
the lighthouse.
It's beacon,
year after year shone on,
protection for some,
a warning for others.
The sand and the seashells,
the seagulls and the sailboats,
it all came and went.
All of it but the lighthouse.
The breeze died down now,
and his memories that had so vividly rushed to him subsided.
His mind calmed,
like the ocean after a storm.
He thought of her,
what she might be doing,
who she was with,
and he wondered if she missed him.
All those memories,
the good ones and the bad.
But the one memory he knew he would never forget,
as he sat in the sand,
was of the lighthouse,
the ever present,
never changing lighthouse,
and all it stood for.
The strength,
the caution,
the power,
the beauty.
His childhood flooded back to him.
Swimming in the surf,
building sand castles of great size,
burying his father in the sand.
Flash forward to adulthood.
The picnics with his children,
the night he cursed at the lighthouse drunkenly for hours.
But it was always there,
never moving,
never failing.
Was this really the last thing he would remember?
Of this place,
his former home.
He stood,
not sure if he was comforted or disconcerted,
he strode up the dune to his steps,
taking with him the "For Sale" sign.

This was inspired by a shot of "The Prince of Tides" and a moment of staring into the black void that is Lake Erie from my window.


dasher121 36M

4/7/2006 1:29 pm

Wow, look at you! that was awesome. Love the description of it all def took me right to what you were talking about.

Wordsmith2004 36M
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4/7/2006 2:24 pm

I love the sea, and even better, I love the way I see the sea in your seasoned piece!

(" What what Wordy?? No smart-assed comment?? OMG!" )

The Wordy never kids about the worded business....

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