Kegs and Eggs  

RedheadedMedStd 34F
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3/17/2006 7:46 pm
Kegs and Eggs

Mood: emotionally drained

I never did understand this tradition. There are people that I know that are getting up at 9am today and drinking out of a keg and having eggs for breakfast. I am Irish and I love my beer, but Guiness although not as heavy as one would think, is NOT breakfast friendly food. I need coffee, eggs, bacon, pancakes maybe, and lots and lots of hash browns! I mean maybe a Labatt by like 10, but 9 and Guiness! Whew! Too rich for my blood!

Then you get idiots like my neighbor, who get wasted and state the obvious. He came over to wish me a Happy Pot o' Gold Day since we are both Irish. He had been drinking since 9 am. Then he comes over beer in hand to give to me and goes, "Wow I forgot you're pregnant!"

Yea, thanks for the reminder moron. I'll just keep telling myself I am doing a really nice thing. That prevents me from doing ANYTHING I ENJOY!

My parents found out. My Mom just flat out asked me and then said she was really disappointed to find out I didn't trust her with this kinda stuff. Now I have to let in some other people, my roommate for emergencies, Nika my girl knows, and a few others, mainly for emergency reasons.

Get what my roommate said! If you go into labor I'll call the EMTs, but I'm gonna do it from your phone cause I don't want to have to waste my minutes. I almost decked him til I realized he was kidding.


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