Friday Night House Party  

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4/15/2006 7:27 pm

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Friday Night House Party

I've had people over the apt. before, but never a collaborative effort between me and Greg. So last night we invited up neighbors from the 2nd floor, a neighbor on the 5th floor, and a few of our friends.

Everyone started boozing except for me about 9, I had sparkling grape juice, I was happy, I got a wine glass, somehow it made me fee part of the group. My friends Ben and Monika were doing shots of Jager and Red Bull (for those of us not familiar with those, they are called Jager Bombs, they are very sweet, and pretty powerful)and Bud Light; Greg had beer; the neighbors started with wine and beer, then went to Admiral Nelson's and Coke (the Twink* version of Captain Morgan). Greg had started drinking earlier in the night for a co-worker's going away party (who oddly enough, I dated last summer), so he was extra lit. He had 3 martini's and a shot before he even walked in the door. Greg's friend Debbie is a Smirnoff Ice girl.

The night ended with Monika's shirt off, Adam (the 2 floor neighbor) getting nekid to his skivvies and socks, me driving home a very wasted Ben, and Debbie taking off at like 12 am. The whole affair was done and over with by 2, which was great.

I became the object of Adam's affection that night, which was very scary to me. He is first off gay, 2nd off, NOT MY TYPE! He is rather heavy and of course Greg and Ben encouraged him to strip to the music. He is "the naked guy" at the parties according to his roommate John. He was used to it, but was encouraging Adam to start with a 3-party rule. That didn't work. John was telling me stories to make me (ie the only sober one) understand how normal it was.

I decided that evening, NO MORE! If we were ever gonna get Adam that drunk that it had to be in his apt. That way we could leave if we wanted to. I have concluded that I am traumitized from those dance moves, and my eyes still burn from the sight. I could've gone my whole life without a sight like that and I wouldn't've missed it at all.

Nika who was topless (I made her keep her bra on) was dancing with Adam for part of the night, and the other part was spent flirting with my friend Ben. Not good. Ben is 28 and Nika is 19, plus she is like a little sister to me, so the idea that Nika and Ben would be getting drunk and getting it on was one Greg and I took turns preventing.

With the exception of my brain having fat gay man images burned into it, the night was a great success. We all had a good time. The clean-up was extremely easy and we kinda cleaned up as we went. The house did reek of smoke though. I was very thankful for the warm day so we could air out the apt. I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes on several occasions and I got a kick out of watching Greg and Debbie shake it on each other. John and I talked shop (school) for part of the night. I think he slowed down cause he didn't want me to feel out of place. I mean don't get me wrong, I was sober all night and everyone but Debbie got sloshed, but it was nice that John could hold an intelligent conversation even when he was drunk.

Ben is an emotional drunk. He spills his guts, and he was doing so to me and Greg all night. Ben has had a pretty tough life and he has realized that Greg and I genuinely care about his well-being and has learned how much he appreciates it. He has grown up with the kinda "ghetto" background that it's fists, not walking away or words that solve a fight. It was nice to see him so relaxed.

Nika is still the little sister type. She enjoys being the center of attention, whether it's gay or straight guys.

Wild Matt from next door attempted to invite himself over at one point. He had a 40-ouncer and his dog in tow and kinda attempted to charm his way in the door. I was really upfront with him and told him he was a little too rowdy for us and that he was not allowed in. He wasn't happy about that. I think he realized at that point that we really are just neighbors and no longer friends. Yes! I know it sounds mean, but I am very relieved.

I allowed myself 2 cigarettes instead of a drink and a cigarette and I felt the after-effects. I got a really good buzz off of those. I haven't had a cigarette in like 5 months and it hit me hard. I think I even coughed!

The night was loads of fun, both Greg and I slept very hard. I forgot how tiring partying is when you are dead sober. Tonight is the opposite. Greg is out with Debbie at the bar and I am at home, just hanging. I was gonna do some homework, but I may just put it all off 'til tomorrow.

Dad and I are having dinner together tomorrow night since Mom isn't home. We are even gonna cook together! I stopped over to visit him and check on him. He is starting to miss Momma Z, but he was happy to have me over to keep him company for a few hours, even if it was just chit chatting. It was a very Rocky River-esque picture. Dad and me on the patio talking and Lizzie rolling around in the grass with the sunshine.

As NSAAddict said, "Happy Saturday" to all, and to all a good night!


P.S. Did you remember to send in your taxes today?

*For those unfamiliar with the termonolgy, a Twink is the gay version of a "pretty-boy." He spends lots of time in the mirror, goes to the gym tons, and is really feminine.

dasher121 36M

4/18/2006 8:35 am

ah, the infamous naked guy hahaha. Every group of friends has him lol. Ours went into self exile to colorado 6 years ago and has finally made his comeback to the Burgh! He was always the guy to get drunk, argue with himself that he is always right, and then whip off his shirt and whip out his cock and walk around.

Good god we missed the naked dude hahahahahaha


gypsy1629 41F

4/20/2006 1:00 pm

Just a quick note..."Yager" is what we call it in MN....Glad everyone was able to have a good time, souned like lots of fun.


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