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8/8/2006 9:07 pm

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My first kiss was a guy named Adam Puff. It was kinda traumatic. I had a crush on him and my friend Tracey had kinda dated him a few years ago. He held me back while we were taking a walk around a Florida gated community. He stuck his toungue down my throat. I was determined to never have another kiss like that ever again. He played hockey with my tonsils, it sucked! So as soon as I got a chance I became a kissing bandit. Everytime I drank, everytime I felt some sparks, I practiced my "craft." I actually now consider myself a good kisser. I've gotten lots of compliments for several years, so I think I'm starting to believe them.

The first crush that I ever had that actually came to fruition was a guy named Ethan Redding. I met him thru a friend named Jackie. We were all in high school and she worked at Sbarro, a pizza place. I remember hanging out until she got done with work. I worked in the mall with her and I was going to take her home.

I went into the back so that we could go out the employee door. I heard a huge crash and I ran into the back to see if Jackie had fallen. She hadn't, it was Ethan throwing dishes. He was soooo mad. I don't even remember what it was about! I met him for 30 seconds and I was instantly hooked. He and I dated for like 3 months, and he and I were buddies for years afterwards.

I lost my viriginity to a guy named Dwayne Myers at the age of 18. It wasn't memorable. In fact, I barely remember it at all. My friends all went to the clubs and ditched me. Dwayne took me out. We had lots of Jell-o shots (I had 3, hey, that was a lot for me back then). I had like 2 or 3 Smirnoffs and I was trashed! I just remember waking up, finding a condom and going, maybe it won't hurt since I'm drunk. YEAH RIGHT! I was walking bow-legged for 3 days. He looks like Matt Damon and we have hooked up ever since. It's cool that we still talk and can when neither of us is attached, we hook up.


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8/8/2006 10:46 pm

I got emancipated(got the rights and priveleges of an adult) three days after my thirteenth birthday and in the following week got a job cleaning a machine shop, put a down payment on a car(Corvair)and got laid. I don't remember her name, it's been over 45 years, but it's definitely a memory, the crickets, the moon, the upholstery rubbing against my knees. I thought "Wow, I'm fucking!"
It's pretty strange that as we get older we don't lose the desire for sex, just the ability to lure the age group we're interersted in into having sex, isn't life interesting?
Good luck to you girl, I'm leaving Vegas and moving to Taos to be an artist(been there and done that and got the tattoos)

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8/9/2006 10:08 am

interesting topic... my first kiss and first crush were with the same girl, alicia. she ditched me for a more popular guy. thought id gotten to her before the boarding school attitude ruined her, but i was wrong. the kiss went much better than the crush. very unexpectedly she initiated (im still too chivalrous to just tongue-maul a woman out of nowhere) and it was soft and sweet... at first. when it was over her earring was caught in my sweater and her dorm adviser threw me out.

my first time was a bit later, just before i turned 18, with tammy. it wasnt hot raucous sex, but it wasnt bad either. she was much less experienced and inhibited than i knew, but it was nice just the same. first and last time a woman ever told me NOT to go down on her. i think she was squeamish about my face getting full of juices. oh, and i had done that before, just not intercourse. she moved back to wisconsin a few weeks later, so it was a short but sweet relationship.

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My first kiss was a guy named Adam Puff.

No way!!

That's his REAL name??

Or his wrastlin' name??

It's Addddddummmmm Puuuuuuffff, the Stonnnner of smaaaaackDOWWWN!!!

He played hockey with my tonsils, it sucked!

Lemme guess, his breath must not have too "top shelf" either I take it....more like he'd been suckin' on a filthy.... "5-hole?"

So it'd be safe to say you'd get it on with the REAL Matt Damon even if he did his "approach" to you in a pink bunny suit??

That's deDICKcation!!

Conserve Water and Prevent Global Warming: Shower With A MILF!

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8/10/2006 2:34 pm

My first kiss was Rosalind Lord (about 11) and her family left and went to live in Bahrain.

Still remember it. Sigh sigh sigh!

Ah well

Take care xxxxxx

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8/11/2006 9:45 am

I don't share secrets in cyber space You'll have to let me buy you a drink, and then I'll tell you.

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9/3/2006 4:41 pm

Mmmm. My first kiss with first g/f was with Nancy Boerger. I was friend's with her older brother and often spent an overnighter on the weekend at her parents house. She would sneak into her brother's room late at night and we would kiss under the blanket. My parents divorced and my brother and I moved away. When I was old enough to drive back for a visit on my own, I found that she had moved away.

My first real crush was my step-sister's best friend, Anne Boehm. Dark black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was a 6th grader and I was an 8th grader. Nothing developed beyond my infatuation for her.

My first inter-racial g/f was Alnetta Harris in the 9th grade. She helped me with algebra. She was able to grasp the concept better than I. We had to meet in the alleys after school. Our relationship was a no-no.

I was a late bloomer compared to you in the loss of my virginity. Natalie and I were going through all the motions, with clothes on, at the age of 22. She roomed with 3 other roommates in the girl's dormitory and I rented with 6 other guys in off campus apartment building. My roomies were planning a trip away on a particular weekend that I was invited to another friend's wedding. Natalie and I planned it out. Her dorm mates thought she would be staying with a girlfriend that lived off campus. We were both drunk from partying too hard at the wedding reception and slept half the night away. Our first time was awkward, but we became better each subsequent time following the first. We dated up until May 4, 1970. Then the college was closed down and she returned to her family in New York. We lost contact. When the college re-opened Natalie did not return.

Seems strange how we remember our first's but the in-betweens become clouded as time passes on.

Peace and Love,
Turq {=}

Peace and Love,

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