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So I never did figure out how to IM on this thing I save that for AIM. I have people on my Randoms AIM list I have never even spoken to before! Have you ever noticed that you have phone #s, addresses, IM names, clothes, furniture, house decorations, that you never touch? I have noticed that and I wonder, do we actually forget about this stuff or do we hang on to it just in case (JIC)? JIC of what? All your clothes are stolen by the fashion forward monkeys loose from the zoo? Or one day Arrmageddon will occur to all of our friends so we need back up ones? I suggest that we do something productive with these clothes at least! Maybe we should donate them to The Ark from a while back (I read it on someone's blog and thought it was hysterical, if it's yours clAIM it, it was great). We can recycle fashion so it is ALL new and exciting! I tend to hang on to clothes, IM names, and phone numbers. Why? I have no clue. I just thought I would let you all know how neurotic I am.

BTW, 3 hours of cleaning the roommate comes home and complains how it smells horrible! I had made spaghetti so the dishes would be dirty when he got home (he does them, I clean) and I had used like 10 different chemicals. Plus, I was on my hands and knees for like 2 hours scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors. I haven't done the main harwood floors. I thought I would prolly die, my back was killing me! I will do that on like Thursday when I don't have class or if I get really pissed I will do it tomorrow to get out my frustration. Just call me Cinderella!


dasher121 36M

2/2/2006 5:32 am

Well miss cinderella, I went on a rampage with my clutter a few weeks ago. It felt great! Anything that i have had no use for in the last year got tossed or given to charity. Scrubbed floors, cleaned out closets, washed windows, dusted (i never dust!), and yes the unidentified and unknown messenger handles went bye bye as well. Including all of the phone numbers that made my head turn to the side,

"Who the fuck is that?" *delete*

"Where did that come from?" *delete*

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