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1/31/2006 9:05 pm

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(Zero 7's Destiny plays)
I want the close to perfect man to just appear, damnit! Mr. Right Now needs to show up right now! I am sick of dating only to not have an attraction to some of these idiots, or to realize that personal chemistry isn't there. I don't understand these guys! I would love to whine to my girls if I had more to bitch to. (The real ones, especially girls are far and few between; and as my roommate says, during school semesters, I am practially a shut in.)That's the problem with having all guys as friends. I can't take this kind of shit to them, they just look at me like I am an idiot and ask me why I don't just go out and get laid a couple of times. To guys (at least some of the ones I know), sex is the answer to everything. The world is gonna end? Have sex. Your grades suck? Have sex. You are bone-achingly lonely? Have sex. I see the girls at school laughing with boyfriends and it just twists the knife a little more. Maybe I am just too picky, but I want what would make me happy. I will accept some flaws but not more than 3 that stick out on the first date! How do I decide whether I am just being too selective or I am well founded in my ideals?

BTW, thank you for all the blog suggestions everyone! I have found a few new ones I like, I appreciate all your help.


thedreamking06 38M

2/1/2006 3:01 pm

look for maturity and stability in a guy. real guys dont need to get laid everyday to be happy if they do they have problems. if the world is going to end just kiss ur ass goodbye, if your grades suck, stop spending so much time screwin and more time studying, and if your loney get a pet to keep you company or get off your ass and get unlonely. i am glad u put the disclaimer (at least some of the ones i know)
you need to not expect much from guys, because when you dont expect much, you cant be disappointed and the least expected ones will be the ones that most suprise you and may turn out the one you expected to find at some point in your life that will make you truly happy...

dasher121 36M

2/2/2006 5:36 am

Whats up Red?

If you need someone to vent to hit me up, you know where I am at. I know that Im a bit out there, but every once in a while i have something remotely nice to say

And no, sex is not the answer for all of us, just a good majority lol.

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