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1/6/2006 9:39 pm

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You ever feel like rolling over and dying? Like the hangover from hell where you would rather kill yourself than get out of bed? It gets worse when you look over and see Mr./Miss BeerGoggles laying next to you. You feel like you have fuzzy slippers on your teeth, and that grass has sprouted on your tongue overnight. Your head throbs and you can feel every pound of your heart in your head. Your arms feel like dead weight, and you think if you tried to have a beer to cure your hangover... Well that's just not possible. If it's OK with the rest of the world, you are gonna lay in your bed or the bathroom floor until Armageddon comes and you are never drinking another drop of alcohol ever again. You have to pee, but you feel like you are buried under sand and movement is not feasible. Your eyes have crust over them and they look and feel like like one of two things: you have been smoking pot for 6 days or you have been walking in a desert storm for 24 hours. Your stomach is full from whatever late night meal you consumed and you feel the grease slip around and you are sure rotgut is setting in. Your hair smells like a bar and the dirt under your fingernails looks like God only knows what. Your shin is aching from where you cracked it last night on the steps trying to take them two at a time. You look over and you discover your clothes on the floor and as you move your head, your stomach turns and you can barely choke back the bile. Water sounds like heaven and the idea of a shower is infinitesimally gratifying sounding. Instead, you decide to roll over and maybe you can sleep off the headache by the time the snooze wears off. And as for the Beergoggle buddy of yours, you shudder to think how drunk you must've been in order to think that was attractive, and there is no way that person is spending more than 2 seconds longer in your house than is necessary to get them the hell out. For now, sleep is your only option. Good night nurse!


dasher121 36M

1/9/2006 8:18 am

oh man!! you def hit that where it counts hahahaha. that is so damn true.
thank the lord the beergoggles only happened to me once, well waking up with it that is.

one night, while at a party, i was dancing and making out with this girl. one of my buddies who was not as drunk came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder, got in my ear and said
"Dasher! you need to leave now!"
"i do?"
"yes, you really need to bail."
so i did. saw her the next day, couldnt thank him enough! now if i could just get that taste out of my........

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