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12/25/2005 7:41 pm

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As Christmas Day comes to a close I have done all I set out to accomplish; eaten a lot of good food, had some fun with friends and family, and made new memories.

One thing I was genuinely surprised that occurred this Christmas was the present that I was most ecstatic about. I assumed it would be a surprise of some sort like a car air filter (I swear, my Dad gave me one!) or something I wasn't sure that would ship in time (a new dress coat from Victoria's Secret that was on back-order). No, the one I was most amped about was a vacuum. I'm serious! I got a really nice one from my folks mine died about a month or two ago and the one my roommate has was on its last leg. I was expecting one that would last me maybe a few years and then I would have to go get my own, but no! It was top of the line, lots of features and gadgets, the type that I had to read the directions to! (OK it was only so I could figure out where the one random screw went, but still.) What did I do when I got home from my parents this afternoon? I vacuumed my entire apt. bare floors and all! I know, at 23 you would think clothes and $$$ and all sorts of stuff like that. I didn't get any of that except for the one jacket! I spent about 30-40 mins. ohing and ahing over the damn thing and spent another 50 mins. at home vacuuming everything in sight! I know, I know, it's dorky. At least I know that I am growing up, come on my favorite gift was a vacuum! That's gotta count for something!

"Merry Christmas, every one!" -Tiny Time from Charles Dickens' The Christmas Carol


rm_mmhorny 44M

12/25/2005 8:37 pm

*laf* nuthing wrong with being excited about the vacuum, I spent about 20 minutes figuring out all the things I could do with a toolset that I got!

How strict are you cupid settings? I would love to chat with you, or meet!

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