A Dirty Dancing Fantasy Part I  

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12/20/2005 10:48 pm

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A Dirty Dancing Fantasy Part I

You remember that scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby and Johnny were in the field trying to do the lift? My fantasy expands upon the moment that they fell and started laughing. It's me and Patrick Swayze though, Jenifer left to go get her nose job (hahahaha).

The laughter finally subsides and we are laying in the tall grass our hearts still pounding and the wind making the grass sway gently. He rolls onto his elbows and stomach and smiles at me coyly. He leans over and kisses me quickly, with fear that I will clock him. He pulls away and blushes. I smile, sit up on my elbows too, still laying on my back and kiss his tanned shoulder. He smiles shyly and I put my arm around his neck and kiss him, pulling him towards me. I can smell his sweat, his cologne from earlier, and feel the droplets on my shirt as they roll off his hair. All of a sudden the hormones kick in. My blood is not only pounding from the amount of training we have been doing, but the amount of lust we have for eachother. I can feel all of his muscles tighten as he hovers over me, leaning on his arms. The sinewy legs, his washboard stomach and his blinding white smile remind me of how long I have had a crush on him. He kisses me again, demanding more from me. I feel the scrape of his beard he hasn't shaved yet today. I pull back, laying in the grass, just staring at him. I finally after what seems like millenia, unbutton his shirt. I untuck it and run my hands over his rippling muscles. I run my fingertips under his shirt, creating a bit of an edge by using my fingernails as a reminder of how much I want him. He sits up and starts to whip off his shirt, but I sit up and remove it myself, slowly almost tourturously. He strains against my demand for slow pace. He quickly unbuttons my shirt and flings it aside, preparing to do the same with my shorts. I sit up and pull away from him smiling wickedly. I unbutton his pants without touching him below the triangle he has shaved. He groans as my fingers get close, then move on. I stand up, knowing no one is around and take off my shorts. I slide them off one inch at a time and he crawls towards me, begging me to let him do as he pleases. I just shake my head and grin. I pull him up standing, me just in my underwear of white cotton and his pants unbuttoned with no shirt. I slide down his pants and he finishes removing them and before I can stop him he unhooks my bra. A slight catch in my breath turns him on as he knew I wasn't expecting it. He tosses it into the grass. He starts kissing between my breasts and rushes to my stomach, making me moan and run my hands through his hair as he rapidly moves south. I pull on him and shake my finger. Too fast I tell him. Allow me...


thebigman19822 28M
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12/21/2005 3:11 am

Babe, you always have great stories! You make me horny all the time with just what you write! I can only image how it will be when we meet! Have a good one!

dasher121 36M

12/21/2005 5:07 am

yes agree with man above, yet another added to my watch list. and Swayze is the man no doubt about that, Road House is one of my all time favorite movies.

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