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11/28/2005 5:28 pm

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First time

i was a virgin at this orgy stuff -- had heard a lot about them, seen a few on the screen, and read enough to feel like i could hold my own. but just walking into the house made the hairs on my neck stand. (someone continue my story please...)

LoveDD34 42F

3/26/2007 7:57 am

(This could be fun!)

Once inside the foyer, a very beautiful woman in a white and black maids uniform (skirt so short I could see the bottom of her butt checks) handed me a pink robe and ushered me to a bathroom with small lockers. "Please take off your clothes. you are welcome to use the rob until you are more comfortable." After i did as instructed, I excited the room and grabbed a glass of wine from the topless waitress. Obviously i was the only one a little uncomfortable because there were women and men of all races walking around with breasts, dicks and asses moving to the music in the main area.


creamytruffle 50F

10/18/2008 6:00 am

As I started to look around a older but yonger looking gentlemen took my hand he was so handsome but settle. I did not know what to say so I just follow and there she stood so sexy so lady like fully naked like all nite they was waiting on me. I blush and she smile and he stood back as he handed me off to her. The room was full but we stood and graze at each other as though we was alone the sounds in the air faded and our eyes roam each other bodies and I knew right then if I didnt say something I was going to lose my chance and just as I was to tell her my name a full wet but tender kiss cover my lipps I was kissing a woman I didnt know but I drew her close to me and let my hands caress her body I found myself touching her softly trying feel the wettness of her tight soft pussy. I stop to see if he was please and he was, his manhood grew bigger and thicker as he watch. I turn back to her to run my tongue down her neck on to her nipples still teasing her sweet pussy with my fingers her skin was carmel and her perfume was soft. I had almost bit her nipple in the excite meant. She was excited to cause she spread her legs so my fingers could play more freely. I took my finger and ease it in and out her pussy until it was fully soak and then I slowly taste her sweetness and as i pull my finger from my mouth she kiss me deep wanting to taste what I had just tasted. I wanted to go straight for her wettness but I didnt want this to be over be for it started so I took her by the hand and headed to the patio. As he follow he was smiling and I was happy. She knew by looking at me that this was not my first time with a woman and I knew this was hers because she always look to him for some approval.
I laid her back onto a soft sofa outdoor chair and started to tease her body. I spread her legs by making her hang a leg off each side. I then had him to hold her arms back and over her head as I began to explore her sexy curvy body with my tongue, her nipples was huge like dimes and pointy,and her stomach was flat and those hips was thick and the ass oh my god my tongue would get lost in all that ass
and I wanted her to love every each of my tongue.

mzohyeah 39F

11/19/2011 11:00 pm

In one corner of the room there was a pole. A sexy woman with a big ass and nice boobs was doing her thing as all the men and women watched with a smile on their faces. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sight of her body. Just then someone walked up behind me and kissed me on my neck. I heard them say, "Let me help you with this robe. I know you would feel so much better without it. Besides, it's about to get hot as hell in here!" Before I could answer, I felt the soft caress of very skilled hands rubbing my 38Cs...I couldn't resist. I lost it...the robe that is.

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