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7/15/2005 1:42 pm

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Stupid People

So the last 18 hours go something like this...

9 PM Thursday. Leave work, head North on Rainier Ave. I wasn't "working." I work for a company that makes games, and our "game night" is Thursdays. So I stayed late gaming.

9:15 Have to detour because police have completely blocked what looks like 100 yards of Rainier Ave. I can't see any accident, SWAT teams, or anything.

9:25 Get back on Rainier north of the blocks. Turns out the police have blocked a good half mile of the road. Still have no idea why.

9:30 Arrive on my block. Notice that my neighbors are running a gas-operated weed whacker. Have to stop until they notice me and step out of the street. I know we live in Seattle, but come on: Even here in the summer 9:30 PM is dusk. Doesn't everyone know not to operate power equipment at night?

10 Notice that neighbors, after discussion loud enough to hear inside my house, have quit operating the weed whacker. Anger subsiding...

6 AM Friday Get out of bed, notice a strange electronic chirping noise from outside the house. Identify which neighbor's car is chirping (it's not the late night weed whackers), confirm that no one is stealing it.

7 Leave house. Neighbor's car is still chirping.

7:30 Drop car at shop for enough repairs to pass emissions test. Have to repeat why my car is there because they didn't keep a record from when I made the appointment and explained it.

10:30 Get a call at work from the shop. One problem with car fixed. Other problem clearly expensive though they won't come out and say it. What they tell me is that I should take the car to get tested and, if it won't pass, they'll look at the exhaust problem.

11 Take car back to shop because the exhaust problem means the state can't test the car. Get a loaner and a chapped ass because I wouldn't need a loaner if the shop had done what I asked in the first place. They focused too much on the cheapest way to pass emissions, and not enough on what I said about fixing my car. Drive to Borders to exhchange my wife's damaged copy of Sweeney Todd for the new copy they finally got in.

11:35 Get cut off by locksmith van on my way to lunch. Oh, he saw me. He just didn't care. I manage not to wreck the loaner car, get lunch, and some groceries. Nerves taut from driving a strange car, bigger than my usual one, that doesn't even belong to me.

12:30 PM. Home again. Neighbor's car STILL CHIRPING. STILL AUDIBLE INSIDE MY HOUSE. I unload my car, change into my yardwork clothes, and clean up after my dogs in the backyard (a flat-coat retriever mix and a yellow lab mix, BTW). Then I decide how best to approach chirpy neighbor. Turns out the alarm is telling her that her battery is dying, which she can't help because the van is busted and won't start. I immediately sympathize and return to cutting my grass.

1:30 Yardwork done just before the first few raindrops fall. Back in shorts. House now dominated by sound (and vibration) of contractors putting up new electrical/telephone poles. I should probably save this before they do something stupid to the wires.

Maybe I'm just tired and grumpy. It doesn't seem like that much annoying stuff happened. My poor car. Most of my friends have had 2 cars in the time I've had that one. I've had three employers since I bought it (used, in '93). I'd really rather pay off some debt and get ready to buy a bigger house than replace my poor '87 Corolla FX16 hatchback, but I may not have much choice left. Love your car? Then you know how I feel.

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