Pranks I've Pulled  

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7/20/2005 4:12 pm

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Pranks I've Pulled

Three things make me a really good practical joker:

1) I hardly ever do it. This protects #2.
2) No one suspects the nice guy.
3) I forget I did it, so when the victim triggers the prank, I look completely innocent.

The Exhaust Whistle
The eldest of my three sisters has forgotten more about pranks than I'll ever know. When we were teens, she got in a prank war with the youth ministry leader at our church. I got caught up in it one summer morning when I left for work. The car we shared was making a strange noise. I figured out it was coming from the exhaust, and discovered a whistle the youth leader had planted there. I put it in the glove compartment and drove to work. After driving home at the end of the day, I put the whistle back. I mean, I figured if the youth leader found out that I screwed up his prank, I'd be the next victim. Turns out if backfired on all of us because my sister never thought the noise was odd or irritating. I've still got the whistle, somewhere.

The Keyboard Prank
About 12 years ago when the Internet was young and my office was almost entirely Macs, a co-worker went to a convention. I went into his cube, downloaded an application, and assigned a different sound to every key on his keyboard. Many people in the office had the same application, he knew of it, and I thought he knew all about how to use it - because he himself was a prankster. He comes back into the office the next week, and his computer starts making tons of noise. I actually yell at him to keep it down, because over the weekend I'd forgotten what I'd done. When I realize he has no idea how to turn the application off, I go help him - without admitting to the prank. Shortly after that the company required all employees to have a password-protected screensaver...

The Monitor Prank
Yes, I've actually unplugged someone's computer monitor and had the prank work. A co-worker went on vacation. Several of us teamed up and pranked his cube. My cube was to unplug his monitor. A week or so later he returned, and of course by then I'd forgotten the whole thing. He starts complaining about his monitor being broken. I still don't remember anything. Then he calls our IT department for help, and suddenly the light bulb goes on in my head. I casually ask if he's checked to see if it's plugged in because, you know, the cleaning crew might have knocked the plug out our something. I don't think he ever caught on.

So the point of this post is...don't judge a book by its cover. Just because someone SEEMS like a nice, quiet person, that doesn't mean that he or she lacks hidden depths and points of interest.

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