My first post - ever  

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7/11/2005 9:20 pm

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My first post - ever

I've never blogged before, so bear with me - and feel free to leave constructive criticism or request more information about something from my profile.

The photo is from a 10-mile run on Cougar Mountain in 2004. Man, I'm not doing that again until I lose another 20 pounds - if that ever happens. My knees just can't take it. The first things to go on a tanker are back, knees, and ears - not necessarily in that order. Riding a tank, standing up, in the commander's hatch is tough on the knees, my friends.

Today is a Monday, and Monday is a weight training day for me. I lift for about an hour, and I come home exhausted. On the upside, it pays off and I sleep great. Frankly, I could stand to sleep less, if you know what I mean. Tomorrow is a run day. If it doesn't rain too hard, I'll probably skip the treadmill and head outside.

If anybody out there has a spouse (or S.O.) on antidepressants, I'd sure like to hear from you (happy to chat, too, if we can work out a time). My wife can't be as spontaneous about sex because of the side-effects of the medication. So I work out, get healthier, get more energetic, get better looking, then I come home and do most of the domestic work (she does clean the cat boxes), and I get...well, love and companionship, which are priceless, but it seems like my life is out of balance. I know she needs more build-up time, but she's having trouble communicating more specifics or details to me. What works for you?

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