An Almost Perfect Day  

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8/3/2005 5:59 pm

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An Almost Perfect Day

Mostly it's the afterglow from really exerting myself in the gym, but today has been a good, productive day with lots of general human kindness exhibited by the people around me.

Thanks for the concerned comments about my dog. It was NOT bloat, but something he ate - probably too many fallen apples from the trees in our backyard. He's a bit stiff and slow moving around, but his stomach is fine and his behavior is otherwise back to normal. Big sighs of relief in our house. It's gratifying to know that I not only have some small audience for my blog but that a few care enough, at least about pets, to leave supportive comments.

Why Red Six?
So many usernames are sexual innuendo or braggadocio (yes, I checked the spelling) that it seems like my username must mean something. Is it red and six inches long? No and no. The explanation is entirely mundane, or seems so to me, and entirely non-sexual.

It was my radio callsign in the Army. My unit used Cavalry callsigns. Company call signs, like the company commander and first sergeant, were all Black. My platoon was Red, 2nd platoon was White, and 3rd platoon was Blue. Commanders were all "6" callsigns. So the company commander was Black 6, I was Red 6, and so on. That's where it comes from. I've used it online pretty much since the start of the Internet, and I used it here without a second thought. What else was I going to call myself? Pencil neck (a nickname from when I was 50 pounds lighter)? Fatboy (inaccurate for about a year now)?

See? No big deal at all.

Oh, and that's me finishing the Renton River Days 4 mile run this year.

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