Birthday (strip) Tease  

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8/19/2006 8:50 pm

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Birthday (strip) Tease

Birthday Night, Not Forgotten

I got tarted up like my husband likes. I shattered my femur a few years back and wobble on heels, not even when I have a few "smart drinks." I knew there were going to be challenges.

I had a choice, pearl earrings or a fancy dinner. I decided that I would go with the dinner at a swank French place. I wear my pearls not so often, and my husband and I would go on for years about meals we have had.

The meal was costly and great. Romance was in the air. So was a slight bit of lust. The restaurant was in strip club central. At my wedding a friend who read a passage brought a possible girlfriend. She went on to become a stripper (for research), then write a book about it.

We got to the club and from the book, knew a little of what was to be expected. No real ideal of knowing what would happen. We got a couple of bourbons. There were girls dancing naked. The clientele was the usual frat boys, grooms-to-be, dirty old men. A pretty brunette came around with vials of drinks. Asked if we wanted one. It was my birthday and said sure, picking out something. She slithered it down her throat a few times like a cock, put it between her breasts and leaned over as I drank. Fun! I was very getting into this.

A sweet girl who had been dancing when we got in approached and sat down with us soon after. My hubby bought me a lap dance knowing I have a bi interest. It was so good we told her after another fat; hairy guy had his that we would go to a private room.

The frat boys got turned down and we followed her to the "room." It was just two couches that faced each other on the way down a hall. She had me remove her bikini top- and to a degree let me touch and suck her tits. My hubby had her go down on me. That was great, having not had another female touch me like that since High School. The management did not like this at all and called her away. I will not forget her sweet kisses she gave both of us. The champagne we ordered just charged our lust, but some things are forbidden.

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