Annie, Annie, Annie  

RedRedToes 49F
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8/21/2006 9:33 am
Annie, Annie, Annie

I have met a beautiful woman. Annie, if you have not guessed. We had a lunch date. Not being sure, I made all the wrong moves, even when we went to a secluded part of the city park.

I wanted to dip my fingers down beyond her gold cross and into her cleavage. I wanted to put my foot up to her crotch during lunch.

At the park, I tried to be coy and put my hand next to hers on the swing. The sizzle was so hot and exciting. I just wasn't sure. If I could, I would have taken her onto the grass and grabbed one of those breasts, fondled it then suck a nipple while I worked my way under her skirt.

Lusty thoughts aside, the tour buses came. Our time will cum though. The hotness is intense.

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