The Taxi  

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1/14/2006 4:26 pm

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The Taxi

A group of our sexy friends had been out to dinner. It was a balmy, tropical night on the island. After dinner, we weren't sure what plan was next, as we'd all had a couple bottles of wine, and heightened conversation.

The taxi arrived to pick us up and we all piled in. It was a van. The husbands sat up front with the driver and myself and Deenie sat in the back.

After a few minutes the driver asked, "Where to?" "Ummm, I need batteries for my dildo can you take us to Eckerds?", Deenie piped up from the back. We sped off. All of us laughed a bit. We parked at Eckereds, right up front. The neon sign glared in my eyes. A few people were standing around outside the pharmacy. We quickly elected Greg to go in for batteries and maybe some glide. The taxi driver kinda shrugged a little and shook his head.

Deenie's frankness really turned me on. As soon as Greg slammed the door to go into the pharmacy we started tickling each other and then she pulled my breast out of my little black dress and began to lick it. I scanned up to the review mirror, and I peered straight into the eyes of the taxi driver looking back at us. A thrilling tingle went down my spine all the way to my clit. We were really wound up. Soon, I had my hand rubbing her pussy under her skirt (she never wears panties either). She loved this and moaned loudly a couple times.

Now the taxi was beginning to bounce back and forth as we changed positions. Our dresses and skirts came flying off. We were both nude. I played with her very wet pussy and she sucked my pierced nipples gently. My legs went up in the air and she went down on me. Then, I kneeled on the taxi carpet to get between her legs. I played with my wet clit while licking hers. We both came very quickly. I was told a crowd developed in front of the van.

RedMoray, sitting in the front seat said to the driver, "Did that make your day?" He replied, "Make my day, that made my life!".

Sometime later on....we bumped into a friend at the poolbar. She said, "How've you been?, I heard you've been having fun with my taxi driver."

-True story by Cameil, the other half of RedMoray.

Cameil and RedMoray

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