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We noticed that no one is viewing or answering our "cam help" question. So maybe we need to write more interesting items to get a peek. This is my first story...on a Blog.

In college I had a very wild experience. I was very sexual but extremely shy. I was in the cafeteria one day and an older guy approached me. I forget his line something like Hi I'm Walter, can I join you?

He gave a quick story that he was in Grad school. I was remotely enthralled that an older guy was looking at me and also wondered "why?" He said my funky boots and leg warmers at the top announced I was an artist. Ok let's see where this goes.

We met a couple more times in the cafeteria and finally an invitation to go out came up. We went to our favorite local bar, played billiards, some arcade games and so on.

Then we ended up at his place and he f***ed my brains out. He had a cock like a freight train. It was the biggest one I had ever see or been with in my whole life. I naturally went to lick it and then I realized it was uncircumsized. This looked like fun! I took it all the way down my throat, he loved that. I didn't know what to do with all that extra skin. But, I figured it out Mmmmmmm.

One night we went over to his place and after chatting awhile listening to good music, the night progressed. I drank lots of wine, he kept filling my glass. Then I got the invitation to the bedroom, where a big surprise was waiting for me. His friend, Tim was laying nude and hard and ready. I slid on top of him and we had some fun. Then Walter entered the bedroom and he moved Tim away and he slid in, it was SO hot and good. That was my first experience with two...wooo it was hot and different. And exciting to have two men pleasuring me at the same time. After everybody climaxed and was spent.....I went home very satisfied.

The next day I felt guilty and I didn't speak of this to anyone for years. Except now my soul mate husband RedMoray who gets so turned on by hearing my encounters. Never did I dream at that time my sexuality would blossom into "The Lifestyle".

So the moral to the story is: Tim & Walter if you're out there, write me back maybe we can all hook up.

Cameil and RedMoray

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