Hating Women  

RedMenice 46F
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11/9/2005 5:07 pm

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3/28/2006 12:45 pm

Hating Women

Yes....that's correct....you didnt read that wrong.
I'm obviously a woman, and this touches on nothing sexually....but generally speaking....I just cant stand women.
I have always been friends with men, and not in the flirty "i need a man's attention" way either. All through High School and most of my career (construction...lol....imagine that)...I've found that I appreciate men for their simplicity.
Men say they don't understand women, well I must say most of the time I dont either.
I'm painting with a pretty broad brush when I say that overall....I have found.....women are usually self-absorbed, back-biting, petty and fickle (amongst other things)
Of course you men already knew that didnt you...lol.
It never fails that SOME woman I run across, is going to get her panties in a twist because I'm not overly friendly with her because we're both female. )like it's a club or something...lol)
That's a survival tactic on MY part because I know if I DO talk to her...it's inevetable I'm going to get sucked into listening to her woes and dysfunctional bullshit that women always moan and groan about between themselves.
And where does it read that if I get cornered into HAVING a conversation with her, that I'm required to leave her with a warm and fuzzy feeling when we're done?
You never hear men worry about that shit.
They talk...that's IT.
No hidden meanings....no wondering if they are going to turn and gossip about you later....
And before any of you ladies start up about how I must be insensitive to people's feelings and blah blah blah...
I call a spade a spade....and that seems to be the crux of the problem.
If a woman gives over control of her life to certain elements, and then complains without empowering herself....well....I just DONT have the time to listen.
Men, keep fighting the good fight....you'll find eventually not ALL women are psycho.

farmstud60 56M

3/28/2006 8:36 am

Hi Red,

I started reading your blog, and came across this thread. I'll have to admit that I've seen the behaviour you talk about too many times, and it is a turn off to me. The really good actresses don't let you see this side until you get well into the relationship, and then that perfect 10 turns into the ugliest thing a guy has ever seen. These women are coniving and cutthroat, and are not happy unless they control the man they are with as well.

Luckily I think there are only 20-25% of the women that are this bad, but some days it seems like all women.

The other trait that some women have is to change their mind about what the really want in a guy, but turn it around and make it all the guys fault that the relationship went sour. Too many women want to change men, but in reality it ain't gonna happen unless the guy wants to change.

RedMenice 46F

11/9/2005 8:52 pm

Dear PrettyTexan......
I believe I used "generally", "overall" & "some" in my rant...as far as I'm aware...this does allow for those rare individuals who have shown themselves to be above the rest.
You also assume a lot when YOU generalize that women like myself have gender identification issues....I am very feminine, and embrace my sensuality completely.
And as for my "ignorance" and "blindness".....unlike yourself.....you are proposing to speak FOR me....my friend dearest to my heart is black AND gay (neither topics I recall touching on)....
Your psychobabble was an interesting addition to this Blog.
I considered deleting it.....but realized that thus far....you will find many people are just as disgusted as I by the behavior of women, and no longer wish to tolerate it.
When I start CLAIMING I'm better then another group of people.....then please DO take me to task.

MissAnnThrope 56F
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11/9/2005 7:25 pm

You know, until I joined this site, I only had male friends. But through meet and greets and chatting, I've met women with whom I have things in common. My reasons for not hanging with women have nothing to do with backstabbing, manstealing, gossip... Men do that stuff too. I can introduce you to plenty of men, especially on this site, who are bigger gossips than the women and into everyone else's business.

But I have made friends here with whom I have common interests. That is on what I base friendship. Not gender, or anything else of that sort. While I don't subscribe to the sisterhood, I don't hate women either.

PawPr1nt 51M
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11/9/2005 6:26 pm

RedMenice - if you have never visited my blog, try it... Then consider marrying me

I have been driven so far off-track by the negative female characteristics you describe that, whilst I don't (yet) feel 'hate' for women, I certainly have nil pedastel for them any more. Gimme reality or gimme celibacy!

Problem is, as soon as any woman I meet/know realises I'm not into goddess-fantasy about them or any other woman any more, they regard me as anti-female, uncaring and (gorge-rising...) unromantic

I've also started 'red-carding' my lady-friends about their emotional off-loading. Whining about the same heartache, week-in, week-out with no progress or relief is just plain dumb, OK. It's like (some) women need the tragedy in order to experience life and get attention. One thing I have found out - when the subjects of love/romance/heartache are banned conversation-themes, most of these women have fuck-all to talk about...!

PrettyTexan40 51F

11/9/2005 6:14 pm

In my profession I come across women,from time to time, who have similar views as this woman and flat-out refuse to be part of the "Sisterhood". Heck, I don't even particularly like a lot of women OR men, for that matter. But, my dislike for another HUMAN isn't gender based or biased.....that's the difference.
If you'd like to know the reasons she may not like other women, you'd have to know her history. From my experience working with a lot of women, when they HATE their OWN identity group it's usually from their own lack of gender identification. I'm not saying that it's not usually for a good reason and that they don't have the "RIGHT" to feel the way they do, I'm just saying that USUALLY it's because they have been hurt by women. BUT, like any emotional injury, WE have to learn to identify the INJURY ITSELF AND ATTACH it emotionally to the individual(s) who caused it and NOT ATTACH THE INJURY to a certain GROUP of people , as if a large blanket is placed to cover the entirity.

People do have many common, shared traits, but that NEVER gives us ANY right to make such assumptions for an entire group.....not even women.

Women CAN gossip, women CAN be two-faced, women are capable of all sorts of evil, but who ISN'T? Aren't ALL humans capable of the worst kinds of behavior?

I think this woman has been hurt and I feel compassion for that. I truly hope she can find some "sisters" with whom she can bond in spirit and experience the one-ness that can be felt with another of her kind. I'm not talking sexually, either, boys.......AND quite honestly, I wonder if she tends to judge other people-groups in the same ignorance, or blindness. Does she have a problem with Gays? With Muslims? How about people who wear different clothes? THE POINT? JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T IDENTIFY WITH SOMEONE DOESN'T MAKE YOU BETTER.

Let's start viewing people INDIVIDUALLY and if there are some traits that link us, so be it, let's CELEBRATE the wonderful connectedness that we find in sea of diffence! The rest of our peculiarities can be filled in sufficiently with a good sense of humor!

Thanks for reading,


devilsplayangel 30

11/9/2005 6:03 pm

Most of my friends have been men all of my life, and for those few female friends that I have, well we are a bunch of tom boys.. We aren't prissy, not afaird of a lil or a lot of pain. Hell i played high school football on an all guys team for 2 years. And no NOT ALL WOMEN ARE PHYSO............ Just the ones that aren't are hard to locate with all the bull shit those other women put out there.

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