Just adding some of my poetry  

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11/19/2005 7:57 pm

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Just adding some of my poetry

Right now...I'd like to share something I've written. I hope you like it.

"Nymphomanic Depression"

Part I - Hitching A Ride

I'm broke and bored.
Alone and miserable.
All dressed up with nowhere to go
and no way to get there.

Stickin' my thumb out
Trying to hitch a ride
but getting no takers.

Spent my last cent on arrogance,
Thinking I'm invincible.

It's the road that's paved in gold
that attracts the most fools
and the one paved in broken dreams
attracts the weary.

On my crucifix like Jesus Christ,
being martyred for just being me.
A simple life for simple minds
and complex personalities.

There's nothing in my hat,
and nothing up my sleeve.

And with that said, I'll disappear.
I'm broken and battered
and utterly defeated.

Part II - Questioning The Hope

What is my goal in life?
What do I intend to accomplish?
There has to be something, right?
We all have a purpose in life.

It's all part of the master plan.
Isn't it frustrating when you don't understand
the grand scheme of things?

I ask myself a lot of questions,
hoping to find the answer
in a flash of brilliance.

Like a rogue patriot, I stand alone.
Protecting liberties while destroying freedoms.
The anti-matter of the soul leaves you hollow,
devoid of life.

Morbid dreams affect me,
destroying the shredded remains
of my sanity.

And for what?
Should I be happy because you're happy?
I got news for ya.
It don't work that way.

The lonely heart grows more distrustful
with each passing day,
rendering it bitter
and hateful.

Part III - Epiphany

Found the key to success
in a ratty porno mag.
Be the man, be the best,
be invincible.

The winds begin to change
as the pendulum swings,
and happiness begins to find you.

Found the self, found the soul,
now you think you're God.
Blasphemy, heresy,
sentenced to damnation.

Who gives a fuck?
I don't care.
I'm untouchable.

Blew my cash on a lap dance
from a transsexual hooker.
Found a goal, got a job,
paid for slave labor.

Eat the rich to feed the poor,
and feel good about yourself.
Swing from the noose, but don't hang yourself.
That'll come soon enough.

Throw yourself a pity party,
and the neighborhood will come.
Had an epiphany in at ticker tape parade,
and I forgot what it was.

Must not have been important,
and now I'm feeling dumb.

Part IV - Relapse and Hating Life

Self destruct, self absorbed,
and self deprication.
Fuck the world. Fuck you all.
I've fucking had it.

Hate my friends, hate my foes,
and hate myself.
Fucked a girl. Fucked a guy,
though not at the same time.

Growing pains, teenage angst,
coming back to haunt me.
Like a troll, no control,
eating small children.

Pedophile neophyte,
molesting a cripple.
No luck dumbfuck,
losing out on everything.

Hidden past won at last,
giving you the finger.
Social wounds, battle scars,
people point and laugh

Psycho girl, sissy boy,
and no self esteem.
Inner wars, internal struggles,
keeping the psyche hostage.

Find the truth in the lies,
and don't believe the bullshit.
Whiny bitch, angsty fuck,
and crawling in my skin.

Jaded bliss from emptiness,
and no one seems to care.

Part V - A Safe Environment

Welcome home. Dinner's on the table.
Have a warm shower and put your feet up.

You seem different. How have you been?
Tales of the bizarre make for an interesting adventure.

I've said my peace and found my calm.
So now I can rest.

My inner turmoil is cast aside.
I no longer have to run and hide.

War and peace conspiracy,
pray to spiritualize.

After years of wandering,
I found my way home.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Hugs and Kisses


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