Adding another poem I wrote.  

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11/20/2005 5:47 pm

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Adding another poem I wrote.

I wrote this one about a year and a half ago. I wrote this one night in a male strip club when the girl I took there paid no attention to me all night and I felt a little hurt and dejected because I liked her and all she cared about was the naked guys. I still hate male strippers. They don't even strip!! They just come out with their dicks already flapping in the breeze!!! Well, regardless, here's my poem.

"Seeking Answers"

The void, empty and dark.
Soul cast in nothingness.
The source is unknown with no end in sight.
The root stems from an unhealthy bitterness that poisons the soul with it's vile shadow.
The secret to peace is hidden, mired in obscurity.
When you find the answer, shed some light on the subject.

The problems with no soultions are the hardest ones to solve.
Where did I go wrong?
What heinous atrocity did I commit?
Last time I checked, happiness isn't a crime.

Ignorance is bliss, or so they say.
Pardon the cliche when I'm redundantly redundant.
Fuck it all. Bullshit is meaningless.
If lies have a shred of truth and the truth is false, then what is the answer?

God helps those who help themselves, but who helps those that are beyond help.
Hope doesn't exist. It never did.
It appeases those who can't accept reality.
Ramblings of a lonely man which go in no direction can entertain and depress.

The sum of all fears is dying alone and suicide is your only option.
Turning life into a house of lies, and fiction can be fun.
Life, the Universe, and Everything is the key.
The answer is 42, regardless of the question.

Musings of genocide paves the road of progress, at the sacrifice of all.
From the largest dwarf to the smallest giant, questions never get answered.
What is my purpose?
Why am I here?

I'm wasting my time fucking around.
Harmony is achieved when the melody's in sync.
Random thoughts collect while relevant thoughts are spewed.
Cast aside like an aborted fetus with no chance to grow.

Obvious is the path, the destination isn't.
Nothing is impossible when you have nothing left to lose.
The forbidden fruit is always sweeter, like the one that got away.
Living old and dying young, the hypocrisy of life.

Every chapter has a beginning and end.
Filling the blank pages is the hardest part.
The goal is unknown and the future isn't set.
It isn't easy to tell the end when there is no beginning.

Personal Hells are a dime a dozen, but public Hells are truly a spectacle.

Hope you liked it.

Hugs and Kisses


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