Roomie issues!  

RedDakota1998 40F
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3/8/2005 5:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Roomie issues!

Okay, first post, so I suppose it might as well be a bitch. I made the mistake of letting my best friends girlfriend stay with us. I understand most guys and obviously he wants to get laid without the trouble of having her live with him. So, now she is staying with us while looking for an apartment. She is NUTS! Everything she says is just not true. She is interested in whatever everyone else is interested in and has no personality of her own. I can't stand it. She won't even argue about religion, politics, sex or anything. She just smiles and agrees. Now I find out that she was out ring shopping with her mom when she went home to visit. GOD FORBID I say anything to my friend. Speaking of him, I'm all for a guy getting a piece, but he has no idea what a psycho he has gotten himself involved with. To be honest, after putting me in this position, I have no notion whatsoever to tell him either.

Ahhhhh.....I feel better!

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