All Tied Up  

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10/16/2005 2:50 am

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All Tied Up

The candles are in place. The tub is steaming with bubbles overflowing.

Enter the danger zone. I'm feeling amorous and I'm expecting the doorbell to ring any minute. Last minute preperations? The stream of rose petals has been laid along the entry to the bathroom with several scattered across the bedroom. Strawberries chilling in the fridge, check. Jazz? No. Franky? No. Barry White? Yes. The silk scarves have been tied to the bed posts tucked away out of site. A glass of Chardonney is on the bar within easy reach of the stream of petals.

Almost time. The door bell rings, I duck in the bedroom and yell to come in. I hear the door open and an exclaimation. She yells into the house for me. I grin, ear to ear. I remain silent. I hear the door close and her hard soled shoes as she steps on the hard floors. The clink of a wine glass rings into the bedroom. Did I here her giggle. She follows the stream and with a tender voice I hear, 'Oh my'. I here the wine glass as she sets it on the side of the tub. The distinct sound of a zipper. Cloths are tossed to the floor. A splash of water. An exhuberant 'ahhh' as she slips under the bubbles. I slip out of the bedroom and make haste to the stereo. Turn up the volumn, hit the play button. The CD kicks in. Now she can't hear my rummaging about. The refrigerator. The strawberries are icy. The ice bin is full. I grab the serving tray and serve up some ice cubes in a serving bowl and cover them with the berries. I head to the bedroom. The candles flicker. The room smells of roses and scented candles.

"Honey?" I remain silent. The water splashes. "Honey?" I remain silent. Wait it's too early, quick check the scarves. Tie all four with slip knots. I hear the water splash again, she steps from the tub. The serving tray is on the bedside table.

I run to greet her at the bathroom door. "What are you up to?" She smiles, I rush in for the kiss. Slow, passionate, tongues dance, lips moisten. She has her towel wrapped around her. She wraps her arms around me and I pick her up. I watch her eyes glowing in the candlelight. I carry her to the bed and lay her down. What an incredible smile she has.

I straddle her and grab her wrists and stretch out her arms while I slowly bend down. I smell her and kiss the side of her neck. I work my way to the other side and back to the front of her neck. The bottom of her chin, her bottom lip. I dip my tongue in her slightly parted lips. I withdraw a bit and whisper her name and smile. She smiles. I reach for her left arm and the tucked away scarf and drape the slip knot around her wrist. I kiss her from her forearm to her left shoulder to her right shoulder all the way to the palm of her hand. I reach for the second scarf and drape it around her other wrist. I reach for the bowl and grab a strawberry. I bite down softly and tempt her waiting mouth with the sweet taste. We share it's flavor.

It's not time to take the towel off yet. I slide down kissing her body through the towel. I work my way down the rest of her body while I caress her with my hands. I reach her thighs, her knees, her calves, her feet, her toes. Her legs are soft. I slowly tie each of her legs with the scarves at her ankles.

Sorry I can't finish, a gentleman never kisses and tells

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