Noisy neighbors.  

RaytownRick 61M
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3/31/2006 1:25 pm

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4/20/2006 10:51 am

Noisy neighbors.

Since I moved into this apartment, the one next to mine had been empty. Last night, new neighbors moved in. I had already gotten ready for bed, and had posted on here before I heard them. I had the TV on, and perhaps it was only after I turned it off that I noticed the noise. It was too late to introduce myself to them though. Since I'd been here a month, and had no neighbors, I guess I just assumed that the walls were pretty well soundproofed. They aren't.
But the odd thing is that it wasn't her that was "talkative". It was him. I guess when I think of a noisy neighbor, I think of a lady screaming "yes, yes, more, more" or something. Not the case. He was just chatting away--and I was probably fortunate that I didn't hear what he was saying, but it was definitely the male voice making the noise. I've not lived in an apartment since I was a college student, and back then none of us would have dared have a member of the opposite sex into our room. Had we, we wouldn't have been comfortable with them (or us) making noise.
But the new neighbors apparently wanted everyone to know that they were there. I heard the female voice a couple of times, but it wasn't every "sexy sounding" as though she was saying, "deeper, honey" the tone of the voice was more casual like, "are you sure the door is locked." He was, however, more expressive. There was some whooping and a little "cuddling" sounds, but he was definitely making conversation during his entire effort. I think I fell asleep before they did, in which case they probably learned that I snore. Which, of course, might suggest to them that they work on a quieter performance.
I don't have kids with me here, and it was muffled enought that it wasn't grotesque, but loud enough that I knew what was going on.
Ever had noisy neighbors?

rm_purr1961 55F

3/31/2006 2:13 pm

OOPS, I have always been the noisy one. I do like to let my man know when he is pleasing me. I also like to hear from him. Were you offened by what you heard or just wishing you were doing the same thing? Just curious, it would make me want to do it too.

RaytownRick 61M

3/31/2006 3:11 pm

I wasn't offended, certainly. I've just never had to deal with it before. If it would have been just a little louder, it might even have been erotic. (It would probably have needed to be more her, and less him to be erotic; hearing a guy get excited doesn't really do much for me.) But had she been screaming in ecstacy, I might have wanted to hear it better. My sweetheart is slightly timid, and we've had children in the house since we were young marrieds, so we probably have accustomed ourselves to quiet whispers and moans. And of course, it accentuated the utter feeling of loneliness when I realize that everyone else (well, my new neighbor anyway) was not as lonely as I. Further, if I had my choice of neighbors with a loud stereo, or neighbors with a loud bedroom demeanor, I'll take the loud bedroom noises anytime!

sideline1968 48F

4/3/2006 8:22 am

Hi Raytown,

I was going to send you an e-mail but you have your profile turned off. That's actually a good thing, since you aren't looking to find anyone. You did say you were here to help relieve frustrations and to blog. This shows us ladies that there is a good chance that you are on the up and up. It'll also make making friends easier.

Then again, you've been commenting on different blogs since August of '05. Yet you're just now getting around to realize just how much of a release this format can be? Tisk tisk.

Just a helpful hint ... it's easy to keep an eye on the blogs you enjoy reading and want to get back to. In the top right corner of the front page of evey members blogs, there is a link
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You can also click the
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You already know about clicking on the
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Any other helpful hints I can give you? Just ask. (read that as my invitation to revisit me when you wish)

coathanger1 [blog coathanger1] has a useful post showing standard members how they can view profiles. If you are interested this link How to see basic profiles will show you how to do it.

Welcome to Blogland!

See how long this is! I do have a tendency to ramble on! LOL


RaytownRick 61M

4/13/2006 7:47 pm

Thanks Julie for the lesson. As you surmised, I turned my profile off. I did this, because I determined that I had the internal fortitude to quit this site, and just be in control of my own emotions. It's sort of like saying, "Today, I vow to grow up." So I grew up for a week, and then I reverted to my childhood, and am back. I irritate myself as much as anyone with such irrational behavior.
The fact is, my wife and 17-year old daughter came down to do some house hunting. I worked during the day, then went back to the hotel room, where my daughter had one bed, and my wife and I the other. (Too cheap to spring for two rooms.) My cheapness left me still wanting. I suppose that means I didn't think it was worth $55.00 to be alone with my wife. I'm so cheap, it is disgusting.
Anyway, I sent my daughter out for pizza, encouraged her to go swimming in the pool, and a hundred other attempts to get my daughter out of the room. It never worked, and my wife--who was equally humored, and working hard to also get us alone, and very willing to help me--left without . . . relieving my burden. We are now both frustrated, and probably I have two more weeks. At least we learned that the kids won't come down next time!
Thanks for the education on using blogs. I'll get better with time.

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