More noise from next door.  

RaytownRick 61M
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4/17/2006 6:39 am

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4/21/2006 5:53 pm

More noise from next door.

Last night the neighbors were noisy again. I guess their bed must be right next to the wall. The first I knew something was up was when their bed started squeaking.

Well, this time, she was noisier than he, and she was really complaining. It was Easter, so maybe he was thinking of a rabbit, because he only lasted about that long. She was indeed "yes, yes-ing" and then the squeeking stopped suddenly.

Boy, did she get noisy then. She was yelling at him "don't stop" because apparently he did stop. She was obviously frustrated. She begins telling him off, because he was finished, and she clearly wasn't. Apparently he got up and went into the bathroom, because I could only hear her complaining that she didn't get what she was after, and his replies were muffled enough that I didn't have to listen to them.

I got up and turned on the overhead fan in the room, on the hopes that it might drown out some of the commotion--but she expressed herself quite well for a minute or two. I learned that he used a condom, and left it on the floor, in fact. (Not something I wanted to know, nor was in the least interested in. I'm just saying that to explain how well I could hear her voice.)

Soon, she was giggling, or something, but she went to sleep frustrated. Then there were some complaints about what they were going to watch. Soon their TV came on, and successfully drowned out both voices.

Now, in complete disclosure, I've never met this couple. They moved in just a short while ago--and we've just never passed. But soon after their TV came on, I kind of thought he must have left, because I thought I heard their front door open. I am just enough of a voyeur, and a pervert, to wonder if he really left, that I went to my own door and peeped out the little spy hole to see if something changed. Nope. It must not have been him. I'm not sure they are a couple, and I'll freely admit that the ludicrous thought went through my mind that had he indeed left, I would knock on the door and offer my services to complete the task.

Of course, some poor little girl would have then been terrified of her neighbors, called the police, screamed with terror, and such things, but that didn't keep me from pretending that somehow a fifty-year old man could resolve what a "twenty-something" young kid couldn't. (I'm completely guessing on their age--the voices sounded young to me.)

It was my own little fantasy of the evening.

I'm not sure if I'm truely a pervert, or merely thinking like one. I do wonder what I would have done had he actually left, and she had actually kept yelling for some satisfaction. I must really believe that I would have just gone back to bed, turned on some more noise, and prayed for peace--but in my fantasies, I could deliver.

So, for any girl that might read this blog, I ask the question: "When you are left unsatisfied, would you consider having another finish the task?"

At that point, my thinking is, it is just a matter of relief, more than a matter of love-making. (I hope that these two neighbors are in love, and sharing one another is really an expression of that, but in my fantasy world, all women just really want me, and have to settle on the second mate.)

I told you I was thinking like a pervert.

sideline1968 48F

4/18/2006 8:16 pm

I don't think you sound like a pervert. I think you have a healthy, vivid imagination. Not to mention a good grasp of fantasies ... mind if I use this idea in a story? You've got me thinking .....

Let me know if you decide to move to Tyler. I would love to say hello over a cup of coffee.


RaytownRick 61M

4/20/2006 9:18 am

Thank you, Julie for again reading. I am moving to Tyler. I'm staying at a hotel in Jacksonville three or four nights a week (I work in Rusk, actually.) Tonight I'll sleep in Austin, Friday and Saturday at the apartment in Madisonville, and then back to Jacksonville Monday through Thursday.

I met my neighbor. I think they are not a couple. I introduced myself to him, (he's twentish) and he mentioned that he works at the grocery store across the street. The girl was nowhere to be seen, and I haven't seen her since--but I have been away. He drives an old beat-up pickup, and I think she drove away in a really new shiny one. It appears to be a case of differing life-styles, that makes me think they aren't a couple. And it makes me wonder if the two "noisy nights" were two different girls--which might explain why the noises were so varied.

I didn't think it my place to quiz him on his living situation, so I just shook hands, introduced myself, and left in an ever-so-manly manner. We chatted only about very circumspect things--like men do.

And, whether good or bad, I DO have a healthy and vivid imagination! I'm just worried that one day it will get me in trouble. It has me on this site--and that is probably trouble enough.

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