Some things we look for and some about us  

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7/7/2006 10:12 pm

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Some things we look for and some about us

One thing that we won't be doing is meeting only half a couple because we both believe that we don't want to be a wedge to drive a couple apart and we aren't a bandage for when something is not right with the couple. We won't be in different rooms either when we make some meetings. We won't be making any meetings by ourselves. We came here to experiment and to explore. We have been called picky but we feel that anyone we meet has to get along with us online as well otherwise how we going to get along when we meet? It removes a lot of anxiety and surprises by getting to know someone before they take the time to meet. I guess we just going about this differently from most. Which is okay with us because we believe that if we don't find anyone, then we have each other. We aren't here because something is needed to repair our marriage, or that we need some spice either. We are here to explore our sexual curiousities of being with the same sex. We figure that Mrs can explore hers with another couple with a curious or bisexual female. The Mr can explore his with mfm meeting where the male is curious or bi. We just know that the meetings will be hot when they do happen. It will be with people we have been emailing or chatting with online for bit. We find out what they like and what turns them off. We find out if all aroused by the thought of actually meeting. We respect boundaries once we have found out what they are are. We don't press or push anyone. We just want some erotic times like everyone else.

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7/9/2006 7:22 pm

hello lovely people just wanted to say hellooooooooooooo hope your both well big hugs luffs ya loads xxxxxxxx

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